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for Advice and the outcome

9/21/2021 c1 I want to read fanfic
Aw this was cute
6/1/2021 c1 1Daysleeper03
Your story idea was really cute but you confused the terms obvious and oblivious. If you change that the story will be way more enjoyable.
3/14/2021 c1 Callio
I think this coud actually happen this way
2/27/2021 c1 ReyhanYem
Great Story
2/24/2021 c1 Niomei
I loved it. Was very beautiful
2/23/2021 c1 1CuteBubbles
Aww this is so sweet and so befitting of them! Great job!
2/18/2021 c1 Anime-freak-otaku01
This was so cute
2/18/2021 c1 3LayLay lives
This is so cute. I can almost see the pout on their faces with the small standoff before the I love you.
2/17/2021 c1 93Jedi Jelsa777
Aww that was so cute! I loved it!
2/15/2021 c1 Amanny
Happy Valentine's Day! Beautiful and sweet story. Lucy finally got her wish.
2/14/2021 c1 5PanadeineForte
This was so cute! When Natsu asked if it was Gray I read it in his voice and I imagined him pulling a face about it.

I know this is a one-shot, but I think you could stretch this out to two or three! It’s a great little plot and you could have a lot of fun with it! It’s just as sweet as it is right now, though!
2/14/2021 c1 Vanilla Wish

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