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for Mad science? Aliens? Why am I so short?

4/5 c1 E-man-dy-S
This is an interesting idea. I honestly never knew I needed a SI as Stitch story. There is a bit of a spacing problem, but the presentation of the character's internal dialogue is good. Thank you for bravely posting this, and I'll be looking forward to what happens next.
2/16 c1 Schwarzwald The Reader
it's been a while since I read a stitch fic.

first impressions; it's ok but you need to work on spacingmake smaller paragraphs, it's kinda hard to read it
2/16 c1 Dylan-A-Friend
2/14 c1 3Gerak999
A self insert as Stitch...!? Shut up and take my money. No, for real, you got my full attention, i am VERY invested in this short story. Do it, make your dreams come true.
2/14 c1 1Spawn Spider
Like this idea and look forward to see how it goes!
2/14 c1 beingLazy
its pretty good written! (thumbs up!)
2/14 c1 Godzilla wearing glasses
First LiloStitch fanfic I’m gonna read, I hope it doesn’t disappoint

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