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for Box of Chocolates

2/20 c1 93odalys-ortiz
Screw that. Joss about to seduce John in a major way :D
2/20 c1 31jakela
"...she moved towards her desk like there was a live bomb on top..." - Well, it is John...and Joss...anything can happen! ;) This made me lol.
2/19 c1 elaine0510
What could be better then a box of chocolates from a guy names John? Maybe dinner with him too. But no kisses. Yea, sure!
2/17 c1 Phoenix615
Thank you Lady this brought a smile to my eyes !
2/17 c1 39magensby
Thnx for the sampling. Look forward to more.
2/16 c1 Lady Sundiver

This was so sweet. I can actually see Joss' face as she moves through the precinct thinking about how lousy the day was going to be and then suddenly... chocolates.

Platonic dinner between friends? No way!

Thanks so much for this lovely little fic!
2/15 c1 1JayJR
the error would be if you did not write this! Perfect pick me up for valentines day. I hope you write every idea you get on any topic. I laughed out loud. Kisses and a heart shaped box of chocolates is not platonic. his silence at facing his truth was great. So good as usual.
2/15 c1 ravenhusker
Yep. Our girl Joss certainly has other ideas. John is still in denial. Thinks that he could still keep things platonic between them? Well John, That ship sailed a long time ago. It’s time for you to face the executioner. Not a bad looking executioner at that . ;) Still my favorite otp. Looking forward to getting back to reading the stories :)
2/14 c1 impvme
Ok. Gotta stop kissing!? No they don't. Can't wait for all that 14 chptry goodness.
2/14 c1 Coreenmm
Awesome. Need to finish this.
2/14 c1 DreadWoman
Welcome back to writing. This was just like finding your favorite chocolate candy, when you least expected it. A perfect size bite of goodness.
2/14 c1 14TennWalker
I can't wait to see what you have waiting for us!
2/14 c1 48SWWoman
Awwwww, you can see John trying to keep his distance and Joss is like, "Nope, come here!"

Glad to have you back!

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