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for I Don't Wanna Be Tough

5/21 c1 Tammy McKinnon-I
Loved it!
5/7 c1 MinervaMcGee
What a story! Thanks so much for sharing!
3/29 c1 20Piscean6724
Really love the explanation about why kids need hugssoot on!
2/18 c1 10xavionite
I like how you've started this and look forward to reading more! Cassie may say she isn't tough, but she sure seems like it!
2/16 c1 7Royslady51
Do need some assistance...size and breed of rabbit? Tamed Wild or domestic? Size? Only bunny I was ever around left droppings every time it moved, that's it for my knowledge of bunnies...that and that dried, powdered rabbit droppings are really good fertilizer. The other thing I'm allowing suggestions on is breed of dog...because I intend to have her give one (insist) to Roy for the station at some point in the near future, though probably not until after he gets into a scrape or something at work.

I think a hutch for the rabbit and one stay at home dog is sufficient, but there was a lot of air time between station dogs which i can use. I'm considering hounds, hard to train for the work I have in mind, but worth it, which is tracking lost people. NOT bloodhounds, mind you. The Choices are Bluetick, Redbone or Plott Hound, mostly for the personality trait differences...for instance, Blueticks are hands down, the best dogs for swampwork, particularly at night, Plott hounds DO NOT give up. The are among the most tenacious hunting breeds, Over all, Redbones tend to be smartest, they are better able to think their way thru puzzles in the trail. So, give it a few days, think it over and get back to me in Reviews.
2/15 c1 ValerieR
Nice beginning. You have a very nice, easy way of writing with good construction. Here's hoping for updates soon!

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