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8/9 c39 5Downdilly
Just one little note: Coachella Music Festival is in Riverside County-Indio is the city. Otherwise, good to see all my favorites working out their lives happily.
7/31 c40 2Ducky1776
This has been a delightful, funny, serious, and overall enjoyable fic. Thanks!
7/29 c29 Ducky1776
So if the train got there at 10 AM, that means they left London at 3 AM? Tribbles? LOL! I've been LMAO at some of the things in here. Good show!
7/28 c19 Ducky1776
This chapter is hilarious! Death Eaters sitting around decorating their masks. I can just see the hot glue guns smoking! And please tell me you've got something good for the toad. PLEASE!
7/28 c9 4J flood
MacMillian ismisspelled
7/27 c10 2Ducky1776
Naaaaa, accidentally tripping and falling through the Veil of Death is way too good for Umbitch!
7/27 c6 Ducky1776
I just realized we never found out who won the prank war - Harry or Hermione. Inquiring ducks want to know.
7/26 c1 Ducky1776
WordStar! DB2! I have fond memories of those from the late 80s while I was freezing my tailfeathers off in North Dakota.
7/16 c2 5fancyspinner
this looks like fun. i've always wonderred why tech an magic don't work together more often.
7/7 c40 12excessivelyperky
Ta daaa! Very fun story, thanks!
7/6 c39 excessivelyperky
And the beat goes on...

Neat that Dobby is headed to Hogwarts!

Will Winky eventually go too?
7/6 c38 excessivelyperky
Of *course* Snape never dates...sure. But he likes his privacy, and so does his wife. Snicker.

I like the idea of Flitwick being headmaster. He's suffered in silence for decades over the Gryffindor Uber Alles policies of his predecessors (minus one year) and the influx of magical creatures doesn't hurt either.

I do enjoy hearing about the others as well.
7/4 c36 excessivelyperky
I love all the recaps of what will happen to our favorite characters (I do wish Draco would stop whining and learn how to do something he actually loves, mind you).
7/3 c35 excessivelyperky
Wow, that chapter had a lot going for it! One hopes that Snape finally became free of teaching and allowed to do actual research..

I do like the last line, though-boy, house elves live a long time, don't they?
7/3 c33 excessivelyperky
My husband has the t-shirt for Periodic Table and Chairs, snicker.

And for Taco Tuesday, may I suggest the Avocado Number? This way they can have all the guaca-Mole they can eat.
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