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3/9 c16 14Rosa Heartlily
This is lovely. I wish Fujin had managed to give this speech, and that Seifer had listened! But it would be a very different game if he had.

Thank you for sharing 3
3/9 c15 Rosa Heartlily
Heh - watching Squall squirm is all kinds of fun.

Thanks to you - and Zell :D
3/5 c14 Rosa Heartlily
Seifer dreams of glory - but doesn't have much discernment in picking sides. I found him much more interesting than Squall when I first played the game.
3/5 c13 Rosa Heartlily
Love the idea of Squall as a moogle :D

Writing scenes between the female characters is always good.
3/1 c12 Rosa Heartlily
Don't think I've ever seen Quistis and Zell paired up before - interesting!

I love fics that explore characters like Zell more deeply. He's so often shown as being almost 1-dimensional, so I like the way you've shown him as not only a rounded person but also desirable.

Looking forward to more, as always.
3/1 c11 Rosa Heartlily
Ah, the first kiss. I remember mine so well.

You do a great job of describing Squall's awkwardness and fumbling.

Oh, and Beta readers are worth their weight in gold - look after Bebedora!
3/1 c10 Rosa Heartlily
Awww - Squall has emotional intelligence! Who knew?

I loved the way he covered for Zell, too. Great to see him maturing.
2/27 c11 11Maloire
Hahaha, I was gonna say the awkwardness seems like a family trait! Rinoa totally reminded me of Julia during her scene with Laguna too. Mm, I think I'm with you on writing Seifer, he's so much my opposite it's harder to get into his head. But I hope you do give it a shot!
And thanks for the shout out, going to make me blush worse than Squall! Looking forward for more of these.
2/27 c10 Maloire
I never woulda guessed how this one ended! Nice to catch a glimpse of how Squall's changed since the beginning of the game. Definitely more patience and empathy. Sure creative :)
2/26 c9 Maloire
Oh, Laguna, don't ever change. I burst out laughing (thankfully alone in my car) at the "you wanna touch it?" Such a foolishly cute scene!
2/26 c8 Maloire
Hahaha she broke the Commander~! The End! You've got her mannerisms down pat! This was very enjoyable. Good to see them acting like the teens they are :)
2/26 c7 Maloire
Oh my gosh... If we're Irvine I would be saying this beyond the reach of a gunblade, make that two. This is so so sooo bad, and hilariously good! Hehehe
2/26 c6 Maloire
I can totally imagine this playing out during that FMV. The sense of helplessness floating away into the void, the panic when you're Squall trying to make it to Rinoa before it's too late, and then that relief of having done the insane but heroic thing. *Chef's kiss*
2/26 c5 Maloire
What a punch in the gut (a compliment in this case to your writing! Poor Laguna.) That scene of him in the end credits always makes me happy to see them have a moment together that's full of love and comfort, but then also sad because of what happens to Raine. S'cuse me a minute while I blow my nose T_T
2/26 c4 Maloire
Awwww~ hahaha! This made me smile way too much hehehe! Squall can blame his dad for the ticklish gene, I'm gonna say! Super cute. I also like how he and Quistis both allude to checking their junctions. He is a good student after all hehe
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