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for New Spider in the Hotel?

6/8 c3 1RavenMadHatter
interesting very interesting, I think I'll keep an eye on this fic and see how things go.
3/12 c3 sonicgoku203
pls continue
3/10 c3 SumeragiByakuren
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for updating! Please please please please please update again soon! I beg of you! I can't wait for more!
2/18 c3 Kilare T'suna
I liked both of your hazbin hotel stories. But I do feel especially in this one, you repeated several information like what she did in hell, or her past, and such several times.

I don't mind it. But I felt you could have shorten each chapter by not using redundancy. But! But I'm interested in your stories and will keep a eye on it.
2/18 c3 Triton600
Please continue
2/18 c3 Lady Kaiki
Love it !
2/17 c3 2Madeline T hatter
more please
2/17 c3 2Yumi Edogawa
Interesting story. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
2/17 c2 1Rhyn3
so, the ability to make the Marauder's Map act as like a minimap is kinda breaking all the rules of magic in Harry Potter. Because, when the possible mechanics of how the Mmap works (the most plausible being that the Mmap is piggybacking off of the Hogwarts wards via some sort of sympathetic magic (otherwise range would be an issue)). The Marauders were not geniuses, and if you try and tell me that the Marauders were able to craft, create, and activate an untrickable ward scheme, in the form of a map, around Hogwarts, an UNPLOTTABLE location, I would call bullshit, on two separate accounts: a)if they could do this as 6th years, the potters wouldn't have had a mere fidelius protecting them in 1981, b)none of the Marauders were talented in warding, with James and Sirius aiming for the auror corp, Remus being booksmart and specialising in Creatures, and Peter being the cowardly waste of o2 he is. considering the map was made in 6th yr (iirc), aka: the peak of their reign of terror, SS Potted Plant setting sail, Sirius being 15 and horny, etc; they would do it the easy way: piggybacking off existing wards.
you might as well just make a new map instead of modding the Mmap, because a ward backdoor is very different from a mobile wardstone
2/17 c3 4597boss
Now. Do it now.
2/16 c1 2ChimaTigon
I don't see a cover page here.

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