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for Finding family in Hell?

6/8 c1 1RavenMadHatter
ohh I wanna know what happens next, great concept and very good writing so far.
3/30 c1 stwar
one word i.m.p
3/7 c1 I. P. Frealy
inheritance yes is literally the worst hp fanfic trope. if your writing ability is so bad that you use a list to convey information to readers, you shouldn't be writing in the first place
2/18 c1 Triton600
please continue
2/18 c1 Kilare T'suna
Oh I please wish Albus suffer for that! What he is committed murder in front of all goblins and who knows else.
2/18 c1 Lady Kaiki
awesome !
2/17 c1 4Althyrios
Why did you use 173973 potions !?
It make no sens ! Making something dramatic is not making it excessive !
But I will continue to read your story ;)
2/17 c1 2Yumi Edogawa
Poor Harry. He didn't even get the chance to see if he had any true friends. It'll be interesting to see what happens when he goes to hell.
2/17 c1 4597boss
They're going to get it.
2/16 c1 Guest
Interesting concept hope u continue

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