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for The Hand of Thrawn

5/8 c1 Andres DMB
Phenomenal story!, sincerely i like it very much, your portrayal of thrawn was very good and the concept that you're trying to write intrigues me, thus far nothing bad to say, i hope you keep up with this level of quality!

I will be following your career with great interest.
5/6 c1 Echo 5555
I like this story. It's cool. Please write more soon.
4/8 c1 2The Taios
This story so far is masterfully crafted and captures the essence of thrawn himself. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
4/4 c1 DanteSparda12
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Powers and Abilities: Peak Human to Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Has enhanced hearing compared to humans. Also has enhanced eyesight and can see in the infrared spectrum, which allows him superb eyesight in low light and nighttime conditions compared to humans), Skilled hand-to-hand combatant, skilled marksman, Likely Stealth Mastery (Managed to sneak on and successfully ambush a gang of several armed drug traffickers without anyone noticing. Managed to sneak up on his first officer aboard the bridge of the Chiss heavy cruiser Springhawk, leaving said officer dumbfounded as to how Thrawn had entered the ship's bridge without him noticing; an especially notable feat given that, when compared to human, Chiss have enhanced eyesight, hearing, spatial awareness, and other senses), superhuman knowledge of entire races, collective fight-or-flight responses and tactics, manipulative psychology techniques, a master of unprecedented naval warfare, brilliant tactical and strategic mind, also is capable of reading an alien species' mind-set through their art, music, philosophy, culture, etc.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Capable of outsmarting Captain Parack's seasoned Stormtroopers and officers, while stranded on a planet for over a basic year's time, if not longer, without any modern equipment or technology, could completely confuse and disorient even military geniuses such as Admiral Ackbar, Admiral Draysen, General Belis on a routine basis; was more than efficient in using a limited number of Star Destroyers, and other warships for maximum effectiveness against much more powerful and larger New Republic ships; nearly captured Luke Skywalker twice with his plans and ambush techniques and was almost always on the offensive, never losing except for one setback dealt to him by the main heroes of the New Republic and another during the final battle of Sluis Van when Grand Admiral Thrawn was assassinated by his bodyguard. Overall, absolutely terrifying as a military opponent; almost twenty years later even promising admirals in the New Republic such as Kre'fay were using Thrawn's personality and intelligence in simulated AI battles as an opponent for a benchmark of the highest competence as commanders of large scale tactical and strategic battles before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Extraordinary Genius. A brilliant military leader, strategist, tactician, and schemer. Managed to crush a rebellion in an entire sector with limited forces and resources at his disposal. Can discern the psychology of individuals and even entire races from their artwork and history. Master manipulator who uses what personnel and resources he has at his disposal to carry out plans which seem like failures in the short term but reap benefits in the long term. Also, a skilled investigator who can quickly identify potential moles and other internal threats. Has cracked cases which baffled the likes of Wilhuff Tarkin and Wullf Yularen, themselves gifted officers whose intelligence and problem-solving capabilities are held in high regard by the likes of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Deciphered the strategic and tactical acumen of Balanhai Savit - a fellow Grand Admiral and master schemer himself - just from his musical talent and body language. Faced down and defeated a traitorous Imperial Navy task force which outnumbered his four-to-one without a single life lost on either side, even managing to turn half of the enemy's forces to his side via a brilliant ruse. Managed to get a grasp of the psychology and combat doctrine of the Grysk Hegemony's naval forces based on artwork created - not by the Grysk themselves - but by Grysk client species and slaves. Anticipated the behaviours and tactics of Grysk client species members based on their artwork and brief conversations with captured Grysk slaves. Has proven that he has a high level understanding of physics and astrophysics, using his knowledge in these fields to successfully seek out and destroy cloaked interdiction generators and cloaked warships of the Grysk hegemony, feats which impressed Darth Vader and even Admiral Ar'alani (herself a genius and one of the most brilliant officers of the Chiss Ascendency Defence Fleet). Thrawn is also a brilliant mentor. He helped bring out the innate talents of Eli Vanto and Karyn Faro, turning them from blindly loyal and unremarkable soldiers into brilliant officers in a relatively short span of time. He appears to have done the same with most of the crew members of his flagship and many members of the Seventh Fleet. Commander Kimmund of Darth Vader's First Legion stated that if Thrawn's leadership and mentorship styles were emulated and spread across the imperial military hierarchy, the Galactic Empire could become an unbeatable force that would survive forever.

Weakness: Nothing notable Inept at politics and political manoeuvring, a weakness noted by the likes of Governor Arihnda Pryce, Colonel Wullf Yularen, and Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit; and a weakness which has been exploited by the likes of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Director Orson Krennic, and Assistant Director Brierly Ronan.

Sheev Palpatine
Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. True to his title, Darth Sidious was a master of subterfuge and guile, smoothly navigating galactic politics into the position of Supreme Chancellor despite the cutthroat competition and rampant corruption in the Senate at the time. As Supreme Chancellor he successfully commissioned the creation of the Clone Army and seized emergency powers to consolidate his position while simultaneously running the Separatist Alliance with the Jedi none the wiser, thus paving the path for the Jedi's extermination with the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars. His promises of power also successfully turned many of the greatest Jedi to the Dark Side, including Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker, making them feared symbols of the Sith while disposing of them as necessary. His ruthlessness and cunning as a political strategist were only matched by his incredible mastery of the Dark Side of the Force. Spending decades studying the most arcane and forbidden arts of both the Jedi and the Sith, he was a master of virtually every Force ability while developing new abilities to use at his leisure, becoming so powerful that he was a nexus of the Dark Side itself and utilizing techniques wielded by the greatest Sith Lords in history to become the mightiest of them all. Despite treating it as a mere game, Sidious was also a nearly unrivaled lightsaber duelist. Having mastered every form of lightsaber combat, he cut down several of the finest duelists in the Jedi Order with a single stroke each while facing multiple Jedi Masters at a time, including the mighty Mace Windu, and easily fended off the likes of Darth Maul and Savage Opress simultaneously. Effortlessly blending his mastery of the two arts in combat, he tended to lull his foes into a false sense of security by underperforming before cutting them down with his full strength or simply electrocuting them with his powerful Force Lightning. Sidious is also a tactical genius, single-handedly preventing the Imperial fleet from losing ground against the rebel forces through his use of battle meditation, coordinating the movements of hundreds of ships and countless starfighters single-handedly from his throne in the Death Star II. He also supplemented his already staggering genius with his mastery of foresight, allowing him glimpses into the future to overtake his opponents and plan for potentially dangerous events, even laying the ground for his return after his death in the Legends continuity. However, for all of his brilliance, he suffered from a critical flaw of the Sith: overconfidence. Sidious underestimated Windu's ability to match him in lightsaber combat and was thus horribly scarred when Windu reflected Sidious' Force Lightning. He also failed to account for Vader's paternal instincts during his confrontation with Luke Skywalker aboard the Death Star, leading to Sidious' death when his sadism led Vader to betray Sidious and throw him into the reactor core

Weaknesses: Sidious is rather overconfident (as pointed out by Luke) Some powers are only available to his reborn forms (his clone bodies). His clone bodies rapidly deteriorated over time due to his incredible power, lasting only a day or two by the time of his final death. This process also gradually deteriorated Sidious' mind. After his last physical body was destroyed he will eventually descend into perpetual madness

Is Darth Vader canon so powerful in the force?
How powerful is Darth Vader?
2/27 c1 dullen
It's not a ridiculous reader insert, it features an interesting prologue instead of a 5-page timeline that no one could be bothered to read, the descriptions don't drag on but also arent single sentences. I like it. Although the only thing I came here for was to read about Imperial star destroyers melting the various ships of the mass effect universe into slag with concentrated turbolaser fire.
2/22 c1 JaxTheGamer
Great start. Love to see more
2/21 c1 theman1111
Can't wait to read more
2/21 c1 E
Well, I was going to complain about how strong the Collector cruiser seemed, but then I remembered this is canon where shields just don't work sometimes and turbolasers seem to just make little scorch marks on the ground when fired from orbit. So, fuck it, I guess. Canon is so laughably inconsistent anyways, I suppose you can decide whatever you want for powerscaling.
One thing that's inconsistent technology wise on the ME side of things, though, is the Collector ship's barriers activating from turbolaser bolts. Canonically, energy weapons do not activate barriers. Lasers, plasma weapons, heat from explosions, that kind of stuff isn't stopped by barriers. Collectors and reapers use molten molten metal, and geth just coat bullets in plasma, so that's why those weapons still activate barriers. It's why ablative coating was made in ME, because otherwise their low powered anti fighter laser batteries would be capable of harming they're very lightly armored ships. As pretty much everything in ME is designed around barriers, and maneuverability, they have very thin armor on most of their starships. So, uh, in summary, the SD should have had no trouble with the barriers as they wouldn't stop the turbolader bolts. Not really a huge issue as you said they barely stopped them, which could be inferred to mean they only slightly interfered but didn't actually stop them.
I'll probably read more of this for Thrawn, but I'm not a huge fan of both how the Empire is portrayed in canon and just canon Star Wars in general. So I might just not read, not gonna lie.

I await more, as always.
2/20 c1 Emrys789
Wow. Just, Wow. This is a truly a masterful first chapter of a crossover and I am really excited to see where this goes next, please keep it up. Seriously, great characterizations, no grammar errors, and it reaaally leaves me want more, bravo!

Also, please don't get discouraged by people claiming that they know definitively how this ship from ME would fare against that Star Wars ship (though a collector ship could definitely be able to take on an ISD, especially at long range, no idea what the people who claimed it can't are smoking) and so on. It's two very different universes that are being mushed together for this story, and of course people are going to have very opinions on how different things from each universe would work together, so don't let them think your doing a bad job just because they may disagree on something unimportant and minor, especially since your story already has a fantastic start.
2/20 c1 Guest since ch1
Well you are the third person that I have read doing a Thrawn and Mass Effect crossover. Here's hoping you actually make some headway. You got Thrown's analytical personality right with how he staged the attack on the Collector's ship. So well done.
2/19 c1 George Cristian810
Reapers main gun should not be able to affect an isd like this . An isd is built specifically to fight other ships of his size and armanent , so no mass effect based weapon should be able to damage it bc turbolasers are more powerfull then any ME weapon so the shields on sw ships are made to absorb a lot more punishment than any me weapon can deal .
2/18 c1 peterg1254
This is interesting
2/18 c1 Guest
No F&#$ing way can a collector ship get that close to a star destroyer without being destroyed.
2/18 c1 Heart of Shepherd
A story that's a crossover between Star Wars and Mass Effect with Shepard and Thrawn in it?!
You have my attention for this story and I can't wait where it goes in it.

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