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9/12 c35 Throw Away Account 01
You know, your stories barely get any readers as it is. Deleting guest reviews you don't like isn't going to help you with that.

Yeah, I'm the guest whose reviews you keep deleting. Made an account solely to leave one that can't be deleted. 'Cause I'm a petty bitch with a lot of time on my hands.

For anyone wondering, I left two reviews about how putting in Devil Fruits was a bad call as this was never labeled as a crossover and not everyone currently reading would have even watched or know anything about One Piece, so they shouldn't have suddenly made it a crossover with no warning.

They of course deleted my comments, along with my comment calling them out for deleting my comment and is trying to save face by saying they just had a better idea.

So now, since reviews by people who have accounts can't be deleted by the author, I'm leaving this here. Because, once again, I'm a petty bitch.

Note that this is a throwaway account with a password I'm never going to remember. If you try to message me, I probably won't read or respond to it.

Laters. ;P
9/12 c35 curlyboy01
9/12 c9 vparadox12122000
How come it says multiple kilometers away but you wrote down 750 for Monroe?
9/12 c6 vparadox12122000
Well dang his mom just like that... what the heck,...
9/12 c35 Xyzdragon1234
Go with Fice seconds Quirk it suits with OFA
9/11 c35 11The Toxic Love Machine
Redirect sounds good
8/29 c34 The Toxic Love Machine
A part of me was hoping Izuku would get the Power of ALL Devil Fruuts
8/13 c33 The Toxic Love Machine
All Hell Breaks Loose?

Phantom,what does that mean? PHANTOM, WHAT THE HE'LL DOES THAT MEAN-?!
8/6 c31 The Toxic Love Machine
Oh man, Monoma is in deep shit now. Hope he knows how to swim.

ALlso, I look forward to seeing this guest of yours.
7/19 c30 4ShonenKing94
Reo got to touch Momo's boobs. Lucky dog.
7/19 c30 11The Toxic Love Machine
Why wasn't Monoma expelled?!
7/7 c29 Guest
Alright monoma punishment or copycat person is here
7/6 c29 The Toxic Love Machine
Alright! I want to see Monoma's punishment soon!
6/29 c28 The Toxic Love Machine
Oh man, things are heating up even after Stain has been taken out!

Also, I saw the reference to Tsubasa being the Winged Nomu there, nice touch!
6/10 c6 luiseduardob303
Reo looks a bit weak, he won't be able to be on a par with Izuku, Shigaraki and All for One if his peculiarity is just that.
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