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for I'd Eat Your Heart (But It Might Kill Me)

6/15 c7 Guest
Hey hope you are doing well . Update soon
6/9 c7 glorialopezgl534.03
hola esperó que estés bien esperó que pronto puedas actulizar
6/6 c7 4ms.margie
This story is so much better than the real drama! Haha~ love the idea of the soulmate charm ... and Rang bodyshifting into a cat. Clever ;)

I wonder how many more attempts Rang will have to do now to steal the charm from GE... such a good story! In love with it :)
5/23 c7 4Crystal Cakes 29
This story is really good! I can picture Rang's frustration and Ga Eul's heartache and I really want to see them get together. Keep up the excellent job. I look forward to the next chapter. Cheers!
5/17 c7 2SoEulMates Forever
This was such a cute chapter! Loved it! Although I feel bad for Milo :( UPDATE SOON! FIGHTING!
5/17 c7 41Jourdana Standish
Much more lighthearted but still ouch! I can only imagine what Rang asked of Taluipa and it makes me want to smack him because NO! Poor Ga Eul and losing her kitty.
5/17 c7 heartluv
aww you can't escape from love forever Rang! It will happen ;)
5/16 c7 3Stephanie12000
Thank You for the update. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
5/16 c7 emoment16
Thanks for the update! I’d like to think that Rang doesn’t really want to find the charm and he’s just in denial lol <3
5/14 c6 41Jourdana Standish
Ouchhhhhhh. Poor Rang!
5/14 c6 2SoEulMates Forever
Ooooohhh, this chapter took whole different turnnnnn, wow! It was so well written! Loved reading! Things were so hopeful in the previous chapter...but I am still very interested to know what happens! FIGHTING!
5/12 c6 3Stephanie12000
Thank you for the update. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
5/9 c5 Guest
this is amazing! To be quite honest i’m still not fully familiar with lee rang but the way you wrote him and his struggle with his past is very captivating and interesting! I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
5/2 c5 2SoEulMates Forever
This chapter particularly touched my heart! Please make more like these! Loved the angst! You wrote it beautifully! Can't wait for your update! FIGHTING!
4/29 c4 iiku56
omg omg omg. this is really too cute. great writing as always!
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