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for The Girl Who Played God

3/25 c9 18Dragon and Sword Master
This was a cute ending to a fabulous story. Well done~
3/18 c7 Dragon and Sword Master
So the question is...what are the girls going to give up in order to get Nana back...
3/12 c6 Dragon and Sword Master
Okay...Please tell me that there's more to this. Because the story can't end like this...
3/5 c5 Dragon and Sword Master
It must have been terrible to have Junna kill herself like that...but then again, this is the price to pay for being god.
3/2 c4 Dragon and Sword Master
well this was definitely a lovely chapter, but something tells me that this is just the calm before the storm. I'm honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop...
2/24 c2 Dragon and Sword Master
I don't even know about the movie you're talking about, but I can see Nana being despaired about this and wanting her life to go back to what it once was, just like in the anime. Still though...I feel bad for her and hopefully Junna will be able to help her before she goes into her depressive spiral all over again...
2/20 c1 Dragon and Sword Master
It really does sound like a oneshot, but I'm curious as to what you're going to do with this...
2/19 c1 3OTrizy
I am very interested... I look forward to the next chapter thank you

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