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6/9 c12 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/8 c12 cervantesj0909
I have a question, later in the story are we going have a reference of the Corvus or Iden versio

If "yes" is the Infinity or her escort going out Participate in the battle of jakku?

Master Chief vs Luke Skywalker (around 5ABY)
Who wins?
6/8 c12 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
6/8 c12 3kamikage86
Glad to read more hope we're close to AHE taking the stage?
6/8 c12 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
When I saw the title, I though you were planning on stealing a SSD Executor model.
Speaking of ships, has the Republic though of trying to capture Lira Wessex?
6/3 c11 Guest
I’m just waiting for their shocked reaction to the Shiva’s
6/2 c11 4Valtek
Not bad writing at all. Love the details of the battle scenes most people just go for a simple description or just fail at it overall. I see your following the Legends verse, so we won't be expecting nothing of the new trilogy correct? Or will you surprise us? None the less, I'll still be subscribed to your writings.
6/2 c11 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
6/2 c11 1Blaze501st
I love this. it is always interesting to see this type of fighter analysis. I mean, Lucas him self wanted the Fighter combat to look more like WW2 dogfights. SO this is the equivalent of Modern fighter jets going back to fight Japanese Zeros(chosen because TIE fighters are FAST and maneuverable, but SUPER fragile). I wonder how the SW canon-verse will handle the super military mindedness of the UNSC. Assuming that you get far enough to bring in other UNSC elements. Also. an Idea. maybe have Preston J cole and the Everest show up? SInce one of the theories is that he performed an emergency slipspace jump, he may have ended up in the SW galaxy. or maybe the Spirit of fire? Afterall, they did go into a Forerunner device. whose to say that when they exited they didn't show up in the SW galaxy. would be interesting to have them show up. Especially because almost no one uses either of those 2 ships in Halo/SW crossovers, ESPECIALLY Preston J Cole. The ONLY 1 i can think of has the UNSC pre Covie war meet the Republic.
6/2 c11 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
6/1 c11 superpierce
great chapter.
6/1 c11 TheCrystonian
If they think the UNSC has power, I cant wait to see their reactions to the Sangheili's glassing cannons
6/1 c11 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/1 c11 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
Okay looking at your list of future stories, what would the plot for BT/40K be?
5/29 c10 Guest
please add more chapters
don't wait for like nine months
send more chapters out now!
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