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6/14 c18 16colobonema
That accelerated aging does not sound fun. I'm feeling sad that Squall lost his eye all over again. Though it was inevitable, I guess.

Soooo the Tenth Doctor is a thing in Balamb. (I have questions)

Okay I felt really scared for Edea there. Reeeallly scared

I like Seifer’s ain't-got-no-time-for-the-space-bar exhalation of cursing. Also I like how you chose (?) soft green for Edea'S eyes. I guess we never see her true eye color in the game, but it’s a nice fit.

*sighs at the brief memory of Angelo*

Poor Elle. She’s okay now, right? Riiiight?
5/26 c17 14Rosa Heartlily
Another great chapter - so many more questions!
5/25 c17 16colobonema
I like the Scraggly Tree. That’s a great Tree Name.

I had a sneaky feeling about where the thread was leading tiny-Ellone and Squall to, and I was super happy to be right. Ellone being okay, even if it’s only for a moment before everything goes to Eden-Hell, made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Ending is- whoah. Not cool. Not cooool *bites nails*

Will you take it as a compliment if I say that this chapter feels kind of Pinky Floydy, seventies, concept prog-rock? I mean it in the nicest possible way.
3/22 c16 14Rosa Heartlily
Ellone lost in dreams of childhood - where we'd all lose ourselves if we could.
3/22 c15 Rosa Heartlily
I love this, so much. Lots of emotion, and the action really hits home, too.
3/20 c16 16colobonema
Being made of star stuff is a thing to envy. Definitely. Hurr hurr at “can I hold it?” Of course you want to, Squall.

Hey! They’re back! And things are kinda happy! *braces self for impact* …Are you gonna let them be happy? For a little bit?

Glad Squall got in there with the hug. He’s not all asshole in this. Just… around 70% asshole, I guess.

I really like the “string made out of sky”. I have a feeling I know where it goes, but I’m probably wrong.

Oh. So they did that. But Edea’s cool. It’ll be cool. Uh, maybe.
3/20 c16 8LaylaEvercrest
You know, when i said we wanted some Squall and Rinoa sword action, this wasn't what I meant.

You know Squall wants to touchy, though. How would he not be jealous. I like "the hug" sequence, even though it interrupted my long awaited "other moment". DAMMIT Rinoa! How many times do you need to need to learn to stop putting shit off. Just say it already.

My brain is spiraling over the final scene. You guys have me so paranoid that I'm pretty sure I'm reading into things more than I should... Or am I?
3/12 c15 16colobonema
Loved Zone taking Rinoa ice-skating for her 40th (except for the broken leg, but still). Glad she’s still got those guys sticking by her, at least. (Assuming Watts is not dead/traitorous/etc.)

So middle-aged Squall doesn’t have a heart of sheer ice. Thank goodness for that. I’m glad they had something of a proper talk about this. C’mon Squall, of course she wasn’t going to call you up and tell you *that* while you were in domestic bliss with Quistis and Alex. Rinoa reliving all this is just so sad. And of course she doesn’t want his pity. I wouldn’t either.

Well I’m glad S is back to full health. ‘Cos I was still suspicious about that. Whew.

"Couple of witches already f*ked up my life" - Ouch, Seifer.

Liked the Monterosa Wellness Retreat. Yay for the FF8 world map ;D

Rinoa is definitely a novel challenge. Wise words from Eden there. I liked “voice like sand flowing over old bones.” Very Eden-ey. OMG though Eden’s a total bitch with all the super-personal YoU fAILeD stuff. GTFO, Eden.
3/12 c15 8LaylaEvercrest
*Stops eating popcorn and throws it at the screen* OMG Squall you CLEARLY don't "get that". God, he just so insensitive and still making it about him (i know, i know).

Okay, I want all the back story you have on Seifer. Sounds like he's been through some fun times. Edea's comment about him being good in battle 3.

I'm just going to dig a ditch for my heart now over this Celeste stuff.

Okay, I'm really freaking worried because this ended with a freaking badass Rinoa scene. It's too good. I'm so pumped. Someone is going to shank me soon, arn't they?
3/8 c5 16SilentStarlightSky
I absolutely loved the line about the queen in her castle and the enchantress in the forest. That sounds like a good story. I'd definitely read something like that.
3/8 c4 SilentStarlightSky
I love that last line.
3/8 c14 14Rosa Heartlily
From tension to tears, such a roller coaster.

Looking forward to more.
3/8 c13 Rosa Heartlily
Oh, this is so good! The tension is breathtaking and I can't read fast enough.

Great work.
3/6 c4 1Strings805
This is one of the things I always love about VIII Fics—relatable interpersonal conflict and tragedy interweaved with rescuing someone from the clutches of a powerful villain or magic.

So, Squall and Quistis...I'm excited to learn more about how that came about. A union out of convenience? Does Quistis feel more for Squall than he does for her? What transpired in their past to get them there, and have their newly formed relationships actually helped anyone move forward?

Seifer's comment in the last chapter about "almost breaking a hip," was *mwah.* Old man Seifer acknowledging a weakness—the man has grown, if only enough to put his pride aside for a second. And now he and Rin...

I'm so-so on Sinoa (Reifer?) but, here it feels like what I always got the impression their first summer together was like. Reckless, impulsive, and not meant for anything more than that, even if one or both parties want it.

Also...Zell & Selphie...yeesh. Briefly mentioned, because who could bring themselves to expand on something like that when they're given a stark reminder.

The pacing here is real. These feelings wouldn't linger in real life—it wouldn't allow you to. Rinoa, despite appearing stronger, is powerless when trying to slow things down and reflect on it, it seems. The pacing is definitely quick, but I'm here for it, and I love that Edea has a big role in this. Always love any fleshing out of her character.

I don't want to spoil anything more for people reading the reviews before the piece itself, but I'm about this!
3/5 c14 8LaylaEvercrest
*Presents you with her feelings wrapped up in a bow*
*you guys beat proceed to beat the hell out of it*
*takes it back to unwrap the trauma. Repairs it. Comes back next week thinking it will be different.*

Seriously, how the *bleep* is this my feel good chapter when I'm bawling at the end of it? Like I can't even get my way without having to pay for it in some other form of emotional anguish. I think any person who has suffered that kind of loss just empathizes with Seifer's grief at the end. I was like, "I take it back... let him go..."

Yeah, I'm waiting for Squall's thoughts on this. *popcorn*
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