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for Harry Potter and the Beasts of Galar

7/16 c6 9Flippy the Mummified Hedgehog
Definitely good I really enjoy this. From what I’m guessing you don’t like hermione but I do love the blending of magic and Pokémon. Once again really good can’t wait for more
7/5 c1 Guest
I hope you're killed in a mugging
6/7 c5 Pyrusblade
I absolutely love this story! I hope you keep posting and know that your writing give me chills
5/21 c1 Pyrusblade
I love this world building! Thank you so much for it
5/14 c4 GrinDLmania
Another great chapter. :)
5/13 c4 9SoulNightshade
Hermione, logic and pokemon don't go together
4/30 c3 61Dragonsrule18
This is a really cool idea! I love the science and realism in this Pokemon world, and everyone's written beautifully!
4/30 c3 Juxshoa
Harry was wrong on both fronts in the end.

another great chapter!
4/28 c3 CAD270895
More please
4/28 c3 GrinDLmania
Another great chapter, been worth the wait. Can't wait for the next one.
4/27 c1 SentinalSlice
This is such an interesting idea!
I wonder if Harry could learn transform. I bet he would love being a bird Pokémon for a bit. Or fly.
I just realized, Animagus would probably be wizards who know transform.
3/1 c2 Guest
There are a few things that you have got wrong here in Harry and Hermione's personalities. You make Harry more arrogant than he is and Hermione seems to have a you-are-wrong-I'm-right persona which is totally incorrect other than that the concept is quite interesting hopefully you will continue
2/28 c1 1hpntheman
Love the concept
2/28 c2 GrinDLmania
Another great chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
2/27 c2 rockingchampif
this was a good one wizards also perform during the battle and help their pokemon a good and intresting story and loved it to bits, the only issue was starter of harry which kind of kill the mood of such a great story just like the wand had a history and was related to how he was made an orphan but the starter was like fish on land, had harrys starter history with harrs parents and his enemy would have been a good choice but still a good story to read ..
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