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8/20 c1 18AnimalCraziey
One of my favourite Skip Beat! fanfics! Both Kyoko and Kuon have their own pain, which you've captured really well in this sweet fic. Also, I listened to Champagne Problems while reading this, and it's a great soundtrack!
9/12/2021 c1 palmtreehead
Wow that just made me cry - really beautifully written. Thanks for sharing
4/6/2021 c1 cleocat333
Lovely...and perfect.
3/23/2021 c1 misao97
I loved it! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
2/27/2021 c1 Guest
aww that was super cute. I lived it! Thank you so much xoxox
2/24/2021 c1 H-Nala
What happens when they just have an open and honest conversation.
2/21/2021 c1 k0.fatality
So cute. they have such real traumas.
2/20/2021 c1 Flower Eating Faerie
The cutest, most therapeutic thing I've read in Skip Beat famdomland.
2/20/2021 c1 7Tloakk
Heart cry heart


My words aren’t here RN bc I’m absorbing the amazing fic I read thank you.

Lovely amazing.

K bye.
2/20/2021 c1 Guest
Oh my... That was some angst... But i adored that chapter for it too. The deepness of the feelings are so intense then... Great chapter Claraowl, loved it. Kisses. Mimagfan
2/20/2021 c1 Lorigami8
I’m not actually caught up with the manga, so I probably shouldn’t have read this, but I did it anyway and liked it a lot! I think it fits with their characters but I always prefer Kyoko when she shows her surprisingly confident side around Ren. That’s just my personal preference though because the truth is they do both have deep insecurities and they probably need to talk about them openly to grow. So anyway thanks for bringing out that side of their relationship in such a satisfying way!
2/20/2021 c1 7miss mika namariya
I read this at like 3 a.m. last night but I had to come read it again in the morning with a clear head.

1. Bravo for going in a different, much less sugar-fluffy direction than your last few skip beat stories! I mean, this is still a very sweet one-shot, but also definitely has some angst (which I am very pro).

2. Ren's dialogue is written so well! I think you really nailed him, I can totally see him saying this in the manga. Especially the parts in the beginning, where we get to read his inner thoughts versus what he chooses to say out loud to Kyoko. Just really, really excellent work and a pleasure to read.

3. I think that you did a good job illustrating that they both have baggage, and I think this is very realistic for both of them in that the insecurities feel very real. I think the beginning is really strong where they are miscommunicating, and the ending (starting where they 'make up') is also really strong (especially the last 3 paragraphs). Maybe this is because canon-wise, I can't see them being able to have this conversation yet, but I thought some of the dialogue (the 'you saved me' bit and Kyoko's 'rock' bit) seemed a little bit stilted, although they had already voiced these thoughts inwardly and were summarizing rather than working through their issues as they were saying them. Or maybe honestly I'm just being kind of picky because I don't like 'you saved me' as a relationship dynamic (even though here it is mutual). But I did really like other parts of it, like when Kyoko is making her first confession about why she thinks he will leave. Super good balance between her being still insecure, but also showing that they've grown up/time has passed and they are a little more comfortable with each other, so major round of applause for showing that balance!

For 2,000 words, this was really satisfying and knowing it's a happy ending from the summary didn't spoil my emotional investment or enjoyment. Really tightly written and very impressive! I would love to see more stories like this (if you're interested in writing them).

P.S. there are a few sentences where you shift to present tense that feels uninten(se)tional (I am sorry I could not resist even a lame pun). Ex: her voice is thick (was?), and she's not sure when she started crying (this one is tricky and maybe fine), and that makes him smile (made?)
2/19/2021 c1 13KeiraNL234
Fue hermoso y emotivo, espero más
2/19/2021 c1 1Noveisadoge
wow ok. I know the category was accurate, but I still shouldn't have underestimated this one, for how much I cried.
I will make sure not to read hurt/comfort that happen to pop up before bed just because it's "only a few thousand words".
Truly I loved it!
thank you

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