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for Way Down We Go

3/3 c12 55aliqueen16
Lovs the father/son tenderness and the need/urge to see each other for Derek and Sti! Few stories have been able to show that on a platonic level and I applaud this with a standing ovation!
3/2 c11 aliqueen16
Great resolution for Scira and yay a Hira date!
3/1 c10 aliqueen16
Yay, he's gonna be alright! Love brotherly Stereo, don't see much of it! Also, Derek musing on Kira and Henry was fun, I can imagine him smirking while telling her to go xD
3/1 c9 aliqueen16
Love Nyari and Henry dynamics with Kira!
2/27 c8 aliqueen16
Derek and Kira was the mirror friendship I didn't know I needed. Really good! And the "whatever the cost" at the end... I love protective Derek
2/26 c7 aliqueen16
Oopsies, he said it out loud... "I run around half naked with a sword" lol
2/25 c6 aliqueen16
Yay , Kira's back!
2/24 c5 aliqueen16
Poor Sti... but that bit about Derek's human eyes did me in... that got to me. Well done!
2/23 c4 aliqueen16
What a rescue! Glad they're safe. Noo, he needs to burn Sti now? Also, payback for the pool lol
2/22 c3 aliqueen16
Nooo! Derek's playing right into her trap! Gotta say I love the dialog, so perfectly Stiles!
2/21 c2 aliqueen16
Go DEREK! Help is finally coming!
2/20 c1 aliqueen16
Uh oh. Poor Stiles! What now?

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