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for Saved By the Bullet

5/21 c1 1Psychic Half-blood Hufflepuff
It was good
"For shooting you? ANY time"
3/31 c1 MovieNinja553
I hadn’t realized how many of your stories I’ve read without knowing it was you haha

Sooo guess who’s going through and liking all of them-

I’m gonna stop bombarding you with comments now xDD
2/21 c1 3Nerd-Herd-27
This was great. I could totally see it happening on the show. :)
2/21 c1 21PrePsychPineappleLover
Oh, that was brilliant! Not rusty at all. You picked the perfect moments for the change of the pov, I loved it!
2/20 c1 citylily
So good to read a new Psych story from you! Loved it, especially Lassie's perspective. The premise of him shooting Shawn but to save him is so perfect. It always warms my heart seeing he and Shawn learn how much the other cares for, trusts, and respects them. Perfect ending with Lassie smiling and saying anytime thank you for sharing. Looking forward to anything else your muse fancies writing in the Psych Fandom.
2/20 c1 FearlessShawn
I'm so excited that you're back! Yay! love all of your Psych stories and this was perfect (as per your usual)! And I love that you told the story from 3 different pov's. It made the story soooo good!

Looking forward to your next story and I hope this finds you well! :D
2/20 c1 44smuffly
This was great! The overlapping way you used the three perspectives worked really well, and I could totally imagine this happening. Everyone was so in character. The mix of tension and humour was spot on as well. I loved Lassie's hesitation - and the last couple of lines were hilarious!

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