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3/4 c1 Sheila L. M
Aw...sweet. Thanks.
2/24 c1 Stephyyyy01
oh, so cute
2/22 c1 Colleen S
So sweet!
2/22 c1 mangosmum
Short but sweet!
2/22 c1 RHALiz
2/22 c1 3Imahappygirlreading
Good job, a very nice change of pace.
2/21 c1 liysyl
Cute thanks for sharing.
2/21 c1 Nance13
What a delightful glimpse into their married lives!
2/21 c1 3One percent
Darcy is competing with the dog for cuteness here :D such a wonderful man!
2/21 c1 ArnettinCA
Very sweet.
2/21 c1 Guest
That made me smile :)
2/21 c1 2pennyngram
This was so, so sweet. I feel like there should be way more p&p ffs with/about dogs and cats and random pets, so thank you for writing one :)

By the way: at some point, there is "and and thus been forced" instead of (I suppose) "and had thus been forced"

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