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5/24 c2 Broeken Glasz
the smut was adorable without giving me a toothache or making me roll my eyes (which I tend to do sort of easily)
5/18 c2 4DeathDagger
When he called her princess, I blushed for her! LoL, that was super tasty!
2/24 c2 SmileSimplify
Ch 2
Lovely, simply lovely. *dreamy smile* I enjoyed how you wrote chapter one from HG’s POV while chapter two was from DM’s.
2/24 c2 6crookshanks the kitty
Love it! It was so sweet and the smut was great.
2/24 c1 SmileSimplify
Ch 1
Nice build up! Let’s see where it leads to...
2/23 c2 Qween87
That was perfect!
2/23 c2 carerra.hughes
2/22 c1 carerra.hughes
Never seen this Hermione vocalize her insecurities like this. Good job
2/21 c1 4corabeth11
This is amazing! Can't wait for part two!
2/21 c1 niamh x
This is intriguing, the tension doesn't feel forced

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