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2/17 c2 Guest
fuck evil dumbledoor trash
1/21 c17 Guest
Great story , hope you're well and more chapters are on the way
1/1 c8 Cassandra30
The remarks made to Snape were cruel and unnecessary.
12/30/2023 c11 3Detsella Morningdew
Great, now I have Roxanne in my head.

Aside from that, this continues to be of incredible quality.
12/30/2023 c4 Detsella Morningdew
I really like your Dumbledore. Seems like you understand canon Dumbledore a lot more than most, that's for sure.
12/2/2023 c7 11SavageViper
Really slipped in a reference to a certain talk show host from Texas. xD
11/24/2023 c2 1Curmudgeon60

Try "slept"
11/1/2023 c13 ReadingAddict335
Wow, this was quite a emotional ch.
Thanks for writing.
Cheers !
10/21/2023 c4 Guest
Beta Harry out of nowhere lol no chance am I continuing this dumpster fire
10/15/2023 c15 cameron1812
Such a brilliant, delicate chapter:)
10/14/2023 c13 cameron1812
10/14/2023 c11 cameron1812
HilariousAlso, great Oopsie on Harry's part!
10/14/2023 c4 cameron1812
The trial was genius, the gems in this chapter kept on coming, the meeting with Dumbledore was epic!
10/14/2023 c3 cameron1812
An absolutely brilliant chapter. Love how Harry is hiding this, and like the subtle approach by Ragnokmany stories have Ragnok far more explicitly involvedCheeky, that!
10/5/2023 c17 ReadingAddict
I love the character of harry is much more like how James is told in the books.
Your style of writing is quite witty and funny.
I am probably sure this is one of the best time travel HaryxDaphne fics

Keep on writing
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