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6/26/2023 c17 Solstice07
Nice chapter and glad to see you posting again, I just feel like the pacing is too slow rn. Harry's been back for a long time and hasn't actually done anything against voldy, otherwise a good story.
6/26/2023 c17 3Lost Dingo22
Why do I get this strange feeling Draco came back as well?
6/26/2023 c6 Torhelm
Yeah, and this is where I drop. He's just going around throwing forgiveness around like it's some common commodity on the street. First, he forgives Dunbledore, then Hermione, and now Ron. What next? Is he going to forgive Voldemort for killing his parents? You should rename your story to "Heir of Dumbledore."
Overall 3/10 story.
6/26/2023 c4 Torhelm
Nah, this whole Dumbledore interaction was shit. Then him at the end making more plans for manipulation, and Harry just going along with it? Grow a spine, another story with an easily angered weak MC.
6/25/2023 c17 6Mando-Vet
Good stuff, mate!
6/24/2023 c17 2luffythewitchking1616
Amazing, looking forward to the next chapter
6/23/2023 c17 letr1994
While this fic is very good, I feel that Harry is changing and not for the better as a character, he should have stand up to Granger, and support Daphne. In this chapter he looking like the Harry of the books, when he was either a doormat when came to Granger's attitude, hopefully we will see him grow some back bone in the future in regards to her. Never liked her character she is so condescending and arrogant, that she can't see how others may now better or be better at something that her.
6/23/2023 c17 Haphne Emeraldplains
hmmm..death parted ways with a soul..At first I thought it would be daphne..however looking into things now it probably was Draco? Interesting...Interesting very Interesting.
6/23/2023 c17 xros-xros
Just gonna make a review here to support your crimes against basic decency in crusader kings 3
6/23/2023 c17 EMachado04
This is such a great fic, I hope your muse gets better.
6/23/2023 c17 Pixie Duck
Harry is an idiot for not siding with jis girlfriend against the annoying know it all, especially when the stupid bitch was the one who barged into their time together.

I fear that with every chapter, this Harry is becoming more and more like canon Harry and not the one presented at the start of the fic
6/23/2023 c17 Nexlon
good to have you back with this story
6/22/2023 c17 Romedov
Ah, this is great. I love the chapter and can't wait to see where it all will lead us.
6/22/2023 c17 3Gyanz
Great chapter! Love the politics fics.

Waiting for more!
6/22/2023 c17 9CaskettFan5
I do like the idea of using Snape this way. I was surprised that Fudge would admit to being hoodwinked, his personality isn't so different from Lockhart's and Lockhart would rather die than admit any weakness. I also liked you blending in some history into the story, it makes it seem more authentic.

I also enjoyed how you had Sirius behave, it was nice comedy relief. A different Draco is interesting and I loved the Daphne/Hermione byplay. A battle of wits between them would be interesting. However, I'm sure Harry wouldn't want to be caught in between them like that again. :) I'm looking forward to some "proper" Harry/Daphne in the future.
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