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6/22/2023 c17 Tony McNucklz
Honestly Hermione has it ass backwards. Muggleborns are the invading species, it could even be compared to colonization. Muggleborns showing up in the Wizarding world and expecting it's culture and government to bend to their ideas of functioning like muggle society makes as much sense as if I moved to China and demanded the Chinese Communist party to abdicate and adopt a system patterned on the US constitution because I wanted to live there. Hermione talks like it's just a separate and a bit backwards bit of the UK, when it's actually a foreign nation with its own laws and culture.
6/22/2023 c17 Pjo crossovers
Ah, more politics. Necessary, yet can be tedious. Not in this case though (say reassuringly). You’re one of the few authors whose story’s actually make logical sense in the political scene.
6/22/2023 c17 BBryant
I switched he'd back to CK2 a while ago because I got tired of every character enjoying incest and all kinds of other meme stuff in CK3. CK3 doesn't have the mystical events CK2 had, but it's somehow less realistic and more of a joke.
6/22/2023 c16 9YDdraigGoch94
It might just be because of Imelda Staunton, but I thought Umbridge was a lot older than that.

Say, have you considered having Harry direct Skeeter to reveal that Umbridge is the half-blood daughter of a near-enough Squib and a muggle?

If he needs an avenue to discredit her, outing Umbridge’s blood status would be a sure fire way. Especially when it gets out that she practiced the Cruciatus on her pregnant monther.
6/3/2023 c16 1Mojito Mussolini
One of the best fanfictions I have ever read.
6/2/2023 c9 The Most ABANDONNED ACCOUNT
This is actually so good
6/1/2023 c2 The Most ABANDONNED ACCOUNT
This chapter was great and gives me hope for this story

The first one was a slog.

I gave up three times on the story in a span of weeks before deciding to just skip the first chapter and it seems like it was a good choice
5/30/2023 c16 Nothingburger
Perfect how this is developing without the ron and Dumbledore bashing so stuck into most HP fanfiction.
5/23/2023 c16 firedawg
A grest story and one I found I can't put down. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for sharing and writing.
5/21/2023 c5 BoredKing
For the record, muscle memory has nothing to do with actual muscles. It's your mind getting used to a pattern and being more efficient in executing it so Harry being back in time wouldn't lose his muscle memory, at best he would have to take some time to get used to his different body.
5/7/2023 c16 Neotono
Hope this keeps getting updated regularly, its really good.

Only complaint is how slow it is but it still works.
5/5/2023 c4 DylanHh
I like your more positive take on dumbledore and not bashing him to many fics go to far with him and ron
5/1/2023 c16 Pjo crossovers
Found you cause of inedible. When you updated it and said you were also updating Harry Potter soon I got curious. I now have all three of your stories favorited
4/27/2023 c16 2maximusrexmundi
Wonderful chapter! I enjoyed all the little snippets
4/12/2023 c16 8Hikari-J
I absolutely loved this story
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