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5/7/2023 c16 Neotono
Hope this keeps getting updated regularly, its really good.

Only complaint is how slow it is but it still works.
5/5/2023 c4 DylanHh
I like your more positive take on dumbledore and not bashing him to many fics go to far with him and ron
5/1/2023 c16 Pjo crossovers
Found you cause of inedible. When you updated it and said you were also updating Harry Potter soon I got curious. I now have all three of your stories favorited
4/27/2023 c16 2maximusrexmundi
Wonderful chapter! I enjoyed all the little snippets
4/12/2023 c16 8Hikari-J
I absolutely loved this story
4/10/2023 c16 jackseaweedjackson
Great and wonderful read! Thank you for not giving up on this wonderful story. See you next chapter
4/8/2023 c4 KyuubiRULESA11
Finally. A story where Dumbledore isn't an arsehole working for the greater good, being a cliché. Just a flawed, good man who has made mistakes and tries to fix them. With the added depth to his history. This is how you write a good story, trying something new and different. So, while I don't own an expensive hat, I tip it to you, sir.
4/4/2023 c16 LAB1
I just found your story and I've loved it! I love a good Daphne story and I love the characterization of her family! Astoria is a total crack up!
4/3/2023 c16 Batmanwolf738
Please update!
3/31/2023 c16 WeisseHex
Love your story! Carry ON!
3/31/2023 c3 Batmanwolf738
Why didn't he take the potter heir ring with him as well?
3/25/2023 c16 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Man, it sucks how long it takes for these to come out. I just want the whole thing.
3/25/2023 c16 elixirmaster
I caught up again. Good fic.
3/25/2023 c13 elixirmaster
I misread foul as four, twice now maybe lol...
3/25/2023 c12 elixirmaster
This is probably where I left off, think I was puzzled about horcrux stuff happening in the background, like we only saw him collect two, but he has four in the chamber.
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