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for Twenty Twenties Hindsight

7/3 c1 Sheelahdog
Sounds like fun. I would love to see an actual first chapter.
3/31 c1 6Freelook
Great premise.
Keep it cool. Harry knows all the Horcruxes location and with Dumbledore he can easily destroy every single one of them easily apart from the snake. Dumbledore still has enough life in him to destroy all the others easily.
3/27 c1 dcrawford
There’s an obvious grammatical error in the title of this story.
2/23 c1 11stevem1
Interesting premise.
2/23 c1 ffntfy456
Interesting premise. I think the adults would trust Dumbledore. They probably have fond memories (nostalgia) of him and would want his advice. I doubt either of them paid enough money to the stock market to make money at it or memorized lottery numbers.

I would suggest that Harry gets the elder wand from Dumbledore and kills all the death eaters as they come into Hogwarts. That puts Voldemort on the back foot and Ministry might not fall. From the trials of Death Eaters he probably has a pretty good idea who's in Voldemort's organization and can lead the Order (or his friends) in taking them out.

The big problem is going to be how to lure Voldemort to fight him personally so he can die (if they can't think of another route). I'd like to see you give it a shot. There's several ways this could go.
2/22 c1 TheWickedTruth89
Sounds like an interesting idea, I hope to see the actual story someday
2/22 c1 1Notus Oren
I’m so excited to see you writing something new again after all these years. I’ve read Dark Lord’s Equal and An Old And New World so many times, you were such a massive influence on me in my own writing.

Looking forward to seeing how your excellent creativity has evolved over the years.
2/21 c1 sundaydo7
So.. Nicodemus Archelone huh ,I see you are a man of culture as well. Ankit chance you write Dresden files fanfic , maybe a crossover with Harry Potter.

Great idea though
2/21 c1 Trey of the rebellion
Oooooooh, now I get why the I got that update notice. Okay, I'm totally down, but could Tonks be included in Harry's Babe Squad this time?
2/21 c1 DBNY94
Seems like an awesome story!
2/21 c1 5Isumo 1489
...ok, I don't know if this is just a prompt, or if you DO intend to go for this, but I LOVE this idea! Don't get me wrong, I do like "turn your brain off Shonen Trope fanfiction" as much as the next guy, hell it's how I got through high school and college. That said, this!? Yeah, sign me up, I could use something to sip Whiskey to!
2/21 c1 Absurdum est
Well... this is a unique one. I can’t fault any of your assertions, though you are making some assumptions in regards to the politics and economy. Nothing I’d disagree with since HP is based in an old money kind of society.
Seems interesting, hope to see it fleshed out some more.
2/21 c1 3CelendilAU
I want it. No, I *need* it. Even if it’s not quite as balls-to-the-wall, fuck-the-timeline, I’m Harry-fucking-Dark-Lord-Slayer-Potter as DLE was, I still reckon this concept would be fantastic.

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