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3/27 c1 110Right What Is Wrong

That's an ingenious idea. Never seen that one before. (I've seen at least one pre-DH story in which he used the Sword of Gryffindor as a Horcrux, and I think one theory [long since lost to the fogs of time] that the Sorting Hat would instead be the Gryffindor Horcrux. Does seem like an oversight in retrospect that Voldemort doubled up on Slytherin Horcruxes but couldn't manage a single relic of Godric Gryffindor.) Certainly puts a whole different spin on 'Lily being willing to do ANYTHING to protect her son', as well as 'Severus being willing to do anything to protect Lily'.

Nice, chilling oneshot.
2/22 c1 32unlikely2
Perhaps Voldemorts mathematical competence rivals Rowlings. He has a fraction of his soul. She also has a fraction, plus all of her own. Cue the rise of a new Dark Lady?
Well told.
2/21 c1 28duj
very inventive concept.
2/21 c1 12excessivelyperky
Sirius is also useful to Albus; if he ever needs to get rid of Snape, Sirius will be happy to oblige. Though he may well spill the beans in the process of killing Snape, so I suspect using Sirius as a weapon might well be a last resort. If Snape survived the attempt, he'd likely disappear and work on ways of disposing of *Albus*.

So Dumbledore's plan of getting rid of Voldemort by setting up the Potters as sacrifices didn't work. What will he do next?

Neat vignette.
2/21 c1 Saint Snape
Very interesting concept. I can see Lily agreeing to this to save Harry. Severus is young here but I doubt that they can keep him in the dark forever. He does learn as he gets older. Dumbledore is always the same ole manipulating goat. It would be great to see this in a full blown story to see where you go with it.
2/21 c1 Trickster32UE
Well, it's a quite clever idea, turning Lily into another spy, killing the traitor, and letting the two toddlers survive. The strange deluminator was an invention by Dumbledore - and we do not know *how many* exist. It's possible, that he had created different versions of them, similar to the many *silver objects* in his office, which he used to stay in the loop.

Lily didn't need her wand to kill Dumbledore... there are other options...to get rid of him...Voldemort could even ensure, that Lily marries Severus and Harry will become the *dark heir*, while staying in control behind the scenes...

And who said, that it was only *one horcrux*? Since Voldemort killed 2 wizards at Godric's Hollow? ;) Trickster32
2/21 c1 8MuggleCreator
Excellent concept, but eek!
2/21 c1 10feauxen
Just one problem...the deluminator allows Ron to FIND Harry, not to eavesdrop. Sure, Ron hears when they mention his name, but he only hears a sentence or two of what Hermione said at best. It definitely wouldn't be good for hearing a whole conversation during which Albus would probably not have been mentioned much if at all.

Though, given that Albus created/modified the device I guess it's possible he later modified it to disallow such spying in canon. It's not like the thing's abilities ever made sense in the first place, so who knows what the hell was going on with it?

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