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for Fragments of Remnant (Plot Bin)

40m c86 Wrapedmind
8h c86 guest
hype for the next chapter in take the girl
stick the landing. good luck
8h c86 Guest
Are the Malachite Twins actually Naruto’s Blood Daughters? I really hope Salem doesn’t go after Ruby while Tai and Summer are away!
1h c86 Hail Lord Archanfel
You spoil us.
3h c86 8Narora
A good chapter, as always friend. I've always enjoyed your work, despite what some individuals might say about it or you. You don't fail to entertain me, and you haven't for quite a few years now.

I have an inquiry if you’d be so kind as to read it, and maybe give it some thought. Perhaps you’ve been asked before, in fact, I’m almost certain somebody has asked this previously: is there any possibility we might get a Fragments of Teyvat in the future (specifically, NarutoxGenshin Plot Bin)? I enjoy these short-form stories and tales, but not as much as I enjoy your full-blown, multi-chapter stories.

Just a thought I’ve had for the last few months, I recently started (and finished) the main story of Genshin. And the lack of truly good stories in their corner of (And AO3) leaves me wanting. You don't have to reply or anything, just thought I'd put a bug in your ear, see where it took us.

Either way, wonderful work yet again sir. Looking forward to your next update,
7h c86 fallendemon248
Yes! Every since you mentioned the house of the hearth I wondered if we'd see arlecchino. I was kinda hoping that when ozpin came and brought qrow these two scythe users would fight to see who is the best one and imagine if we threw in a young Maria. Is naruto also gonna get with arlecchino? They do seem pretty comfy and each other and the children think of them as mom and dad.
7h c86 7Dragon Blaze-X
8h c86 serpentacodex
i can't wait for the Tai Yang confrontation. I almost feel bad for the poor bastard
8h c86 Im Watching
Amazing, though i wonder if “Father” and “Mother” plan on getting together
8h c86 calderoneric758
Oh God I can hear big smoke order now while driving to a train
8h c86 whitestorm76
It looks interesting, I admit, let's see what comes out of this meeting.
9h c86 2Dragonkeeper10
A glorious preview Neon as Salem and Watts begin plans that will see the demon turn its eye on them, and a witch might be strong, but nothing to a demon.

Meanwhile fun discussions with the Naruto crew, seeing the House of the Hearth and everyone's favorite mother. For wholesome reasons or another is just nice as well. Always a good read Neon.

Sucks about your job and everything right now. Best wishes and hopes everything gets better for you and your family.
9h c86 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
10h c86 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
10h c86 1Dead Ends
Eyyyy Hades 2 reference! Ohh waiting for the actual update!
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