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for My Heart Is In Your Hands

3/22 c4 29MBAV fan66
I guess, they wanted to have a bit of fun first before finally making their way back to the kingdom, then, huh? Lol! But maybe next time they should play a little more quieter while on a mountain covered in snow, though. So, avalanches won't happen. Lol! ;P

Don't worry, Ethan. I agree with Benny. You'll be a great king just like your dad was.

I hope Ethan's dream doesn't come true. It'd be really sad if it did.
3/10 c3 MBAV fan66
Poor Benny. He's been alone ever since while also being hunted down by the same man who killed his entire family and species. Now, he's not alone anymore! Because he has Ethan with him to help deal with his hunter problem. Together, they made an agreement to help each other out with one another's problems. Benny will help restore peace to Ethan's kingdom and Ethan will help protect Benny from the dragon hunter, Jesse.

Since Benny can turn into a human, too, he can travel and blend in with all the other humans, now. While in his human form he'll be less likely to draw any unwanted attention to themselves while traveling back to Ethan's homeland that might alert Jesse of his whereabouts.

I think Ethan and Benny will make a great team, going forward.
3/9 c2 MBAV fan66
Poor horsey. There goes Ethan's faithful traveling companion. He'll be sad when he wakes up and realizes that his horse was killed by the troll.

At least, Ethan was finally able to find the last dragon, though! Or rather, the dragon found him, that is! Lol! Now, the dragon (who's name is Benny) is taking him back to his home so that he can tend to Ethan's wounds properly. That troll might be mean, but at least the dragon is nice, though. So, Ethan's in good uh...claws, I suppose. Lol! ;P
2/22 c1 MBAV fan66
Poor Ethan. His father passed away from illness when he was just a young boy. Now, he's all grown up and must find the last remaining dragon in order to bring peace to the lands, once again. I hope he'll be able to find it.

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