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for Dean’s on a Hunting Trip

6/28/2021 c2 2Lecia
This is a very interesting switch of events. I'm excited to see how this is going to play out
3/6/2021 c2 freetobescary
Oh he'll definitely be possessed I'm guessing. Is it Azazel or some other demon? Will he reveal himself immediately or wait until later? Can't wait to see the answers to those
2/28/2021 c2 1Stormysea-breaks
Great beginning! I love the idea of John pairing up with Sam to save Dean. How long will it be until they start to argue? I do not give it much time! There is also the possibility of bonding. In cannon the relationship with Sam and his dad is at best static and at worst non existent. It will be very cool to explore those dynamics to the full. I sincerely hope that Dean is ok. If his dad and Sam could make up that would make this beautiful man so happy. Maybe Dean will be the reason for a "detente" between the both. Thank you.
2/22/2021 c2 Kathy
wow, unexpected beginning with John coming for Sam, so good that Dean called Sam, wonder why he called him and not John? Hope he's safe in the church, looking forward to more, thank you
2/22/2021 c2 Guest
I’m really liking this! Can’t wait to see what happens next

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