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for lost in admiration (and i'm head over heels)

2/22 c1 44smuffly
Are you kidding? Nervous? No need to be! This one was fantastic. I don't know how you originally intended it to turn out but I can't imagine anything better. It kept me spellbound all the way through. As a matter of fact, I woke up in the night after a weird dream and decided to read it now but write a review in the morning - then I found myself pulled in so much that I had to write this straight away! (It's 5 a.m. here just now.) There's something about it - I can't explain - but the way you told this really works.

There are sweet moments, like Lassiter telling Gus that the meal out was actually fun. There are funny moments, like the fact that Shawn took Drimmer ('cupcake guy') as his role model for how to be a successful partner! And there are sharply observed moments, like Shawn's admission to himself that he did know the word 'radiant' - the implication there about his intelligence and the way he represents himself is such an interesting one and something I often think about. (Have you noticed that his literary references are usually correct? Random, but it fascinates me.) There are also revelations. I, like Shawn, did NOT know about Billy Zane and that makes the whole running gag even more hilarious (and yes, I did just Google it to see if it was true).

It's also very satisfying when Juliet explains to Shawn that she 'didn't misunderstand' why he sent Gus to help her on that fateful night.

As you made clear, the whole scene at the station is an echo of the 'very close talking' incident, and that works too, as it builds upon what has gone before, showing how far they have come since then, and how close they really are to giving in this time. But once again, Shawn is a gentleman - and I love that Juliet sees it; sees that he always is, with her. The way you leave him, at the end, feeling 'shell-shocked' is so moving.

Really, really good.

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