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for Crystal Picard, Cardcaptor

12/29/2021 c17 James Birdsong
10/22/2021 c16 James Birdsong
Good chapter
10/19/2021 c16 Mika
I am loving this story! Keep up the wonderful work!
10/19/2021 c12 Guest
Yes! Li has made an appearance!
10/19/2021 c1 Guest
So far, so good!
7/12/2021 c15 James Birdsong
Nice two chapters
5/30/2021 c13 James Birdsong
Awesome three chapters
4/6/2021 c12 13foxchick1
I am excited to see what happens next, and I hope Li lightens up.
3/25/2021 c10 James Birdsong
Nice story
2/23/2021 c1 heffronma5
Nice start! I am now looking forward to the next chapter - please try and get it to me soon.

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