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for A Tale of Three Brothers

1/20 c6 HenryManning
You know UnwInked, you missed a great opportunity to include the Chunin Exams arrests, something like: "Neji, since you already won and since Hinata is in no state to continue fighting, you are arrested for the exam rules violation. You will be in jail for at least a month" etc. Overall it's a very good written fic! Thank you! I hope that in the future we all are gonna see the Sequel to it!
10/17/2023 c6 Guest
8/21/2023 c6 Voldi-Sama
I think this is the most ive ever laughed while reading a Naruto fic LOL
7/11/2023 c3 Guest
Haha the last part congratulatory flowers, Sasuke predicted what Itachi was going to do with out meaning to.
10/14/2022 c5 3starlighttauriel
Again, I’m upset that Naruto couldn’t talk-no-jutsu Gaara, but yay at them becoming Chūnin!

“As if I would ever leave Konoha” laughter is right.

And aw at Itachi’s present and Sasuke’s dilemma.
10/14/2022 c4 starlighttauriel
They caught Orochimaru! (Also, I love how proud/happy Ibiki is lol.)

I love when things just happen. So the fact that Sasuke’s “crime never sleeps” was said against Hinata(?) for his own reasons, but spread throughout the village and they all felt safe/better is amazing.

The fact that Jiraiya let Sasuke keep him in jail until he saw Kabuto escape (and his 60-day bathhouse ban). And saying he’s Naruto’s godfather as a reason to see him, but Sasuke realizing that means he left him alone all those years!

Also, the omake was great too.
10/14/2022 c3 starlighttauriel
Love the mention of Naruto (Deputy Naruto!) being an entire force by himself (his clones are underutilized at times, considering he can make over 1000).

Also, Kakashi is now part of the Military Police and Uchiha Clan! (I can feel the Uchiha ancestors rolling over in their graves though haha.)

Also, Sasuke imprisoning the Sound min who came to attack them and them getting to the Tower before Orochimaru could even find them is great. How fortuitous that they ended up discovering the plot. (But now I’m a bit upset that the NarutoGaara meeting/turning to the Naruto-side didn’t happen.)
10/14/2022 c2 starlighttauriel
He’s “Deputy Naruto” that is so cute! I love how supportive and understanding the Hokage is!

Sasuke going good for the village with the criminals. I wonder if they were shady in general so they went for Naruto and that’s how Sasuke found out. Or if it was truly Sasuke’s new big brother instincts that just scoped them out first.

I love Sasuke covering Naruto’s ears when he talks down Tazuna (and providing Uchiha Brotherhood talks to Sakura/those who doubt).

I love that while Sasuke wants Naruto to eat more fruits/veggies, that Naruto still gives Sasuke extra tomatoes.

I hope we get a continuation of the first chapter/Itachi’s reaction!
10/14/2022 c1 starlighttauriel
I love that Sasuke found the diary (and Naruto got to learn a little bit about his mother). I love Kakashi reflecting on protective older Uchiha brothers. And I especially love Danzo getting out in his place. The last bit was funny lol.
8/27/2022 c6 Lunny1
Que história incrível!

Eu me divertir muito lendo e achei algumas cenas muito fofas •
7/2/2022 c6 Nadine051121
Please update, i love this
6/6/2022 c5 isabellargmenacho
“ as if I would ever leave Konoha”. What was the reason? WHAT WAS THE REASON?! ToT
6/6/2022 c1 isabellargmenacho
Sasuke is going around collecting orphans XD
5/22/2022 c6 3Yuzuki476
Love it.
5/10/2022 c3 13electro prime
I love this story every time I read this I boost up laughing
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