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for A Tale of Three Brothers

5/29 c6 Guest
I know it's a hilarious misunderstanding, but there's also something wholesome about Itachi just accepting Naruto as his new little brother straight out.
5/15 c6 StressedByAMountainofBooks
Nice story idea and thank you for the notice.
I will be going there! See you.
5/14 c6 Guest
Poor Kisame. He really should just give up trying to reason with Itachi and his "brother-logic"!
5/13 c6 TheFandom1
I want to see it’s Chi and kiss me both completely melt by naruto cuteness
5/6 c1 Guest
story gets an 11/10
5/5 c5 9AllSlayer
I haven't laughed his hard in a while. I like this story a lot.
5/1 c5 StressedByAMountainofBooks
Nice final chapter i will definitively check your work from now on so keep the good work and see you soon is hope x).
4/29 c5 jalonayers593
I love this fanfic
4/25 c5 Kallen21
I absolutely love this
4/24 c5 Guest
Sad to hear that , I was actually hoping that Sakura would start a clinic dedicated to Ninja who have gone insane or are in need of therapy and her team would help her in capturing prisoners- sorry finding patients for her and Ino to treat . Tsunade for her alchoholic addiction and depression , Orochimaru for - i don't think I need to clarify the reasons , Sarutobi for his chain smoking , they could even be cell mates .
4/23 c5 Princess Hinashi
I loved it so much haha
4/23 c5 Guest
Thanks for all of these chapters. I understand that when ideas stop you have to move on, but please know you gave me many laughs.

Hopefully not all of Konica ends up painted orange (shudder) and Itachi gets his Naruto foot imprints LOL! I look forward to future one-shots.
4/23 c5 FledditFliveflind
What a surprise, the story is being abandoned.
4/23 c5 2Jac Frust
Aw man, it's over? I liked this too much
4/23 c5 Rein Tenebres
Amusingly enough. I van see this being a possible scenario.
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