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for A Tale of Three Brothers

3/30/2022 c6 11MOGA-hunter
I love these kind of fics
3/22/2022 c6 Acha Acha
i love it
3/18/2022 c6 ROUTE-L
I want more of this please!
1/27/2022 c6 6Kalacakra108
This is perhaps the funniest thing I have read.
1/8/2022 c1 Subtopewds1221
Love it
12/10/2021 c6 Guest
This story is Gold. Nice read
11/10/2021 c1 sea1437
oh God I love this story
10/27/2021 c1 Krystian Garlicki
Found it by accident. And I like it. Cool story.
10/19/2021 c4 ItaNaruClexa
I love this. Oh my God. I am enjoying this to much
10/3/2021 c6 jade2824
This was ridiculous AWESOME! I need more of this!
9/8/2021 c6 KalDemos
Just found this and I like it and I need to say I want more.
7/12/2021 c6 mia-channn
lol need moar, and both Itachi and Sasuke is funny
5/29/2021 c6 Guest
I know it's a hilarious misunderstanding, but there's also something wholesome about Itachi just accepting Naruto as his new little brother straight out.
5/15/2021 c6 StressedByAMountainofBooks
Nice story idea and thank you for the notice.
I will be going there! See you.
5/14/2021 c6 Guest
Poor Kisame. He really should just give up trying to reason with Itachi and his "brother-logic"!
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