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for A Tale of Three Brothers

4/22/2021 c4 1maren.trumper.90
Oh my... Oh this whole thing is beautiful xD I can't wait to read more, I love your overprotective brother Sasuke xD
... Can you imagine Itachi coming back to the village because "I have two little brothers to take care of now. And just look how adorable they are. I can't ignore that!"
4/21/2021 c4 ArcDemi
thanks a lot it's been a long while since i laugted this hard
4/18/2021 c4 2scars from the sun
I think it's might be the second time in ten years maybe that a fanfic made me really laugh out loud so thank you! The end with the orange crayon was the cherry on top, haha.
4/11/2021 c1 Mimiyuh
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance. ... If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
4/8/2021 c4 Sakuraus
I love this, looking forward for more :)
4/8/2021 c3 Md Alf
Nice crack fic loving it
4/8/2021 c4 Princess Hinashi
I really like this story..big brother sasuke
4/7/2021 c4 IcyNyx
“You do realize that the name has been added with orange crayon, right?”
So wholesome lmao you made my day
4/7/2021 c4 Guest
OMG, this story just gets better and better! Arresting two Sannin, ensuring the citizens of Konoha have never felt safer and adjusting the Uchiha family records (with crayon). Your writing never fails to make me smile and I thank you for brightening up my day!
4/7/2021 c4 3Jac Frust
I'm waiting for the Sasuke retrieval arc, bcuz obviously that'll never happen
4/7/2021 c4 StressedByAMountainofBooks
This chapter was so funny ! The "maybe thirty was even better" part really crack me up xD. You doing z Amazing job with this story, you got a great writing style ! Im now waiting for the next chapter x) but i can wait for quality like this no problem !
4/7/2021 c4 6Carvaiine
This is so excellent. I don't really have anything to say other than that. It's just amazing, always makes me laugh. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/19/2021 c3 StressedByAMountainofBooks
Hi !
This chapter was so much fun .
Great rythm and always funny lots of good ideas !
Im so looking forward for the next one !
3/16/2021 c3 Guest
Sasuke is such a good brother
3/16/2021 c3 gatitapri
You raffled it off with Itachi and the flowers
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