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for Painting Red Madonnas

6/29 c12 2BeautifulKatastrophe
This is honestly my new favorite
6/14 c13 AriadneMusgrave
You know you are insane. And I freaking love it.
6/7 c31 kessgrayson
I love this story. Marcus and the mole people are hilarious!
6/6 c19 4Titania Faith
Okay, I know I’m late to the party… actually, I never even checked how long ago this was posted. I was immediately sucked in. This could be a 2007 fanfic and this review could never see your inbox or this could be a 2022 fanfic and this review could make your day, I don’t know. But all you NEED to know is that I don’t leave reviews - ever - unless I am extremely upset or extremely amazed and I absolutely love this fanfic. You have ruined me for other fanfics. I have ACTIVELY laughed out loud multiple times reading this. Not a nose exhale. LOUD LAUGHTER. This is a delight. Thank YOU for making my day brighter with this hilarious and compelling artwork. I am endlessly pleased and grateful that there is still a substantial amount of chapters remaining as I type this. I would savor it, make it last, but I have no self-control. I shall weep when I finish. Weep. Anyway, have a good day, sir or madam.
6/3 c30 6LookAliveSunshine03
Holy crap.
5/30 c4 TheAardvarks
I will probably binge read this story and rave about how much of an interesting concept it is but right I’m crying at Marcus’s description of Garfield
5/29 c30 Innieminnie
5/29 c22 Innieminnie
poor Carlisle
5/29 c13 Innieminnie
lmaooo I literally thoguht Edward was dead and gone this chapter xDD
5/28 c31 TwiFanfictionRecs
Painting Red Madonnas has been voted in the Top 10 fics completed in April by visitors of www . twifanfictionrecs . com
5/21 c4 I-luv-Edward-Cullen18
I 100% laughed out loud in this chapter! Hahahahahahaha
5/17 c31 3Kayozm
5/17 c31 Kayozm
That was fantastic. He best twilight story I’ve read in ages, and by far the funniest. Thank you.
5/17 c29 Kayozm
Of course, Aro did think of that.
5/17 c29 Kayozm
Poor Aro. Poor Carlisle for that matter. Aro should have told him Bella had said she’d rather not eat people of there was another option. He’d surely stay to provide that option.
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