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for Painting Red Madonnas

6/15 c7 Guest
Brilliant. Looking forward to next chapter!
6/14 c1 the sands beneath the desert
Love this story. Please update soon!
6/7 c1 4soup4mepapi
Such an interesting take on an AU Bella Swan/Twilight world. Thank you so much for the story, and I'm looking forward to updates!
6/7 c4 Megan
This is one of the best fanfics I have read in a long time. I just about died laughing when Marcus took his clothes off, but left his aviators on. Such a great story so far!
6/3 c7 2Annoy mouse
This is friggin fantastic, I love all of it and long for more.
6/3 c5 Annoy mouse
Thank you. This story has scratched an itch I never knew I had, and made me laugh many times already. It is a joy. Everything about it feels perfect. Right down to Renata shaking her head. I love it.
5/28 c7 Vampoodle
Aro is a delight
5/28 c7 Kuroshta
I never thought I would actually enjoy the Twilight universe in any way. thanks for proving me wrong!
5/27 c1 25Pathatlon
Absolutely brilliant!
5/27 c7 Guest
I need more of this. So much more. All of your stories are brilliant!
5/26 c7 2Peppei
Oh my hahaha I cannot wait to see carlisle’s reaction to this
5/24 c7 6VeldanTwilight
OH my God, Aro! That's the worst idea ever!
5/24 c1 aki93
It really made me laugh
5/24 c7 AntaresBlackFerz
Thank you. This brightened my day to no end.
5/21 c1 274MeJasper
Intriguing premise
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