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for Lord of the Dead in the Land of lust

7/18 c18 Ggffg
I love this story nect cap please
7/5 c1 Guest
I would agree with you Uraharaisgod but in the canon overlord he also was momon for a short while and probably trained with the swords. In this fic I don't think he would have trained for bout a month that he was here and he was training his new magic and not his sword play.
6/30 c18 2Jonh137
Great story love your character development and story telling!
6/25 c10 9Uraharaisgod
Just opinion, but I'm of the thought that Ainz has at least minimal knowledge of how to fight with weapons, not quite enough to be considered above militia level, but enough that he isn't "fighting like a troll". He did originally start as a sword skelly when he started playing Yggdrasil, he only picked magic as his main later on and he has passing familiarity with the personal weapons of the 41, enough that he could at least hit Shalltear with a bow rather than miss by a mile (likely messed with some of them during the months of isolation as each player left their gear and quit). Perfect Warrior only rearranges his stats and allows him to equip weapons/armour, it doesn't give him appropriate weapon knowledge so he must have at least minimal knowledge if he kept up with Shalltear using it.
6/22 c18 Guest
What happened to the guy that wanted to join the Black Dogs?
6/21 c18 1LazyWriter2003
this is art, you are doing great and keep it up and do not overthink everything the story is lowing marvelously at this point. and everything makes sense.
6/20 c1 ravenkingsly
Yessss! An Update! Thank you so much!
6/18 c1 LazyWriter2003
This is amazing fanfic. long live Ainz Ooal Gown heteromrophic empire!
6/17 c18 Guest
Thanks you Furiya FOR threw money at the Authors
So thank you and God bless you
6/17 c18 Guest
But welcome back

Good luck with your fanfic crossover with Kuroinu and overlord
6/17 c18 Guest
Random Amaturer you are not alone I to want Ainz and Celestine to get together
6/17 c18 Random Amaturer
Ok first of all i like this story it is great i like

Kuroinu represent our modern society

7 princess politic feminist that want to control the world that would sacrifice even normal woman just to be correct

while black dog are the poor misogynist that is fet up with those feminist and want to remind those feminist that without man they cant get pregnant to produce more woman

And ainz was force in this world as god reborn it is amusing to see

Am i the only one who want ainz to marry celestine and have a working dick to have children with her imagine 7 princess reaction

6/17 c18 Pdd13
To be honest, i have some mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the story you've crafted is extremely well done and I love it, but on the other hand, I am very nervous about how the future will be. I know for the story, the Kuroinu will have to betray them, but it still won't be an easy read I think. I am not trying to undermine you here, but I hope this doesn't go TOO off the rails for them.

On a separate note: will Olga be saved or is her fate sealed?
6/16 c18 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
6/16 c18 6wolf191000
Good Read!
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