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for Lord of the Dead in the Land of lust

6/25/2023 c14 4JawsOnYou67
Caught up and loving the story. Providing an actual counter to Ainz. Two in fact. It’s better than like 75% of fics involving our skelly Boi. So by far. This is the best overlord fic I’ve read to date. Thank you so much for providing an interesting story and expansion on the whole setting in general and give realistic views on why the armor is how it is.
6/20/2023 c14 bob
6/7/2023 c1 Dasgun
5/28/2023 c14 Guest
Your fanfic is currently the 11th most followed overlord crossover
5/22/2023 c14 peakofpeaks
Man this is blowing my mind with how good this is
5/20/2023 c14 Guest
huh could it be a ascended demon?
5/17/2023 c14 1Amaglam
When I saw Overlord x some random anime, I had to look it up. Looking it up just had me more confused and brought more questions- how is anyone supposed to come up with a reasonable plot for any form of an nsfw show as well as have it not break FFN's TOS? This did a convincingly good job of answering those questions and was a surprisingly good read.
5/17/2023 c14 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to seeing more, hope you update soon. :)
5/17/2023 c14 MarkoncioX
Just finished reading everything and I have to say, I love your style of writing, I literally didn't know anything about kuroinu before this story and after some... research I have to give you props for managing to make such horny and shallow characters into still horny but with some sense behind their actions. And we all love Ainz, that's the whole point of the series, but people have to realise that without a strong supporting cast Overlord would just be your average isekai with op mc doing op stuff. The world building and the shift to less evil inclined companions allow us to see a diferent facet of Ainz that is very hard to see in other stories, and you know, not having Albedo and Demiurge funnily enough lets Ainz actually show more his intellect instead of his absurd luck stat.
Anyway, tldr, good story, good characters and great author, can't wait for more.
Pd: Hara in Ainz's shoulder its absolutely precious and possibly never seeing it again is a sadly but acceptable sacrifice for cute power up since I love that heteromorf.
5/17/2023 c9 Guest
Damn... without nazarick around there isn't anyone to say."You insolent fools! He is not a god. Hi is above Gods. A supreme being!"
5/16/2023 c13 Miner49ner
Really glad that updates are still happening. Wanted to ask if Ainz really will be getting a religion or following in the future? I don’t want to push anything on but if you need ideas the Adepts of Morr from warhammer fantasy are probably my favorite death god religion that’s not some demon cult. As bizarre as finding this story was in really enjoying it and hope you continue!
5/15/2023 c14 Zabaniya
I am just going to read the next chapter and see how it goes. I am really not a big fan of powering up the bad guys with some random original power. I understand the reason why but since you already picked to use Ainz who is already op then i pretty much expected that he would curbstomp any enemy in this world.

Anyways like i said i'l just wait and see how this goes. Things like this just tend to annoy me so the next chapters will determine whether I'll continue to read this story or not.
5/14/2023 c14 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
5/14/2023 c14 Krazysolider
Y' ahor't fhtagn, ya gn'th'bthnk boils llll ahog!
5/14/2023 c14 oblivionknight7
Ainz is starting to make a name for himself, good reputation is everything in these settings.
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