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for Lord of the Dead in the Land of lust

6/10 c1 jockinjock7
why is ainz speaking like that? i mean his manner of speach. it sounds like a british person and no japanese style speak.
6/7 c17 Eager Reader
What will it take for you to continue this!?
5/27 c17 kingdoom8097
5/13 c17 Guest
5/6 c11 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
I like how Amrita just goes "Yes" when questioned about whether she meant as a opinion or declaration
4/9 c17 BadTimeJOE
I hope there's another chapter to read soon. This is quickly becoming my all-time favorite Overlord crossover.
3/12 c17 Guest
I need more of this story to read.
2/22 c17 Guest
Bloody hell
This is great
2/10 c15 66Roses
Oof, and now Grave is getting corrupted. We're rapidly approaching "the plot" so to speak. I cannot for the life of me think of any reason Ainz interferes in what happens to Olga and Chloe, but I imagine stopping this betrayal will be something he has incentive to do, because it will put Claudia in debt to him. Which I imagine will just piss her off more.
2/10 c14 66Roses
It is fascinating to take a porn setting with purposefully paper-thin world-building to get to the sex faster, and try to give it depth. This is probably my favorite example so far. The idea that the Black Dogs were still huge misogynistic pieces of shit, but a lot more bark than bite (heh) until they were tempted and corrupted by the power of a dark god is *way* more interesting than them just being a big glob of rapists from the word go.
2/10 c8 Guest
It seems like most of the Princess Knights have the same unpleasant personalities which the original work broke them of in... equally unpleasant ways. Then again pretty much nobody in the original work was likeable. I'm glad there are characters like Hara who actually make me nervous for when the Black Dogs finally do show up. Of course, I'm not that nervous because Ainz is here, which makes this strangely comfortable reading. Hope to see more of it.
2/10 c13 66Roses
This is like that scene in every slasher franchise where after a long build-up you finally see Jason or Freddie. It's just like, "Oh god, it's him"
2/9 c17 Guest
New chapter soon?
1/12 c17 4LightTrain
Always fascinating to read about a new fictional universe and the problems they have
1/11 c17 king
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