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for Lord of the Dead in the Land of lust

2/23/2021 c1 Gamatime
You haven't gone full degenere you would if you write a mge crossover
2/23/2021 c1 2Agonizing Turtle
hello, new reader here.

Nice idea, not every day a totally asexual being is transported to Eostia. I was interested with the whole 'crippled' thing and was pleased with the result.

So he's mroe or less a walking nuke but can't really do much for anything else due to everything being 'locked'... wonder if it'll stay that way because that could pose a problem in the future.

Ehile completely understandable to being dumbstruck with the 'armor' of the knights in here, as I remember, there were bikini-armors in the MMO... most likely due to being an MMO.

In the first episode when some rooks tried to invade the tomb, there was this one in pink bikini-plate with green hair, so it could've being something like 'well, I've seen my fair share of skin with Pero being my friend, but here he'd go ape on every girl he comes across'

Just some friendly advice and not trying to offend. Why not prolong a bit the descriptions? We know everything about Ainz, but I doubt everyone knows Kuroinu. Orcs for example; in Japan they're more or less giant fat pig-men, but in this H, they're actually Orks from Warhammer, green, muscled, tusked, short nose. Ogres're more or less Oni with big guts.

Places, like the little village, some landmarks, desing, european from the early middle ages, late middle-ages, Roman style, British style, northern middle east which is totally a style and anyone who says its not don't know crap.

Clothes... y'know, these little details that don't take much space to not drag but add some spice.

Believe it or not theres manga of Kuroinu in n h tai and on other sites there's artwork of the places and even designs of the rooms, the palace in the north, the one in the south, castles and other good stuff, including Gaiden which not many people know about because it wasn't animated and only appears as an eroge

You need information I'm your man, you decide this is your story therefore your ship, I respect that, not my intention to impose or force my will. Either way I enjoyed the first chapter
2/23/2021 c1 Fushes
Ainz have the pass to have a 'WTF' face right now.
2/23/2021 c1 Guest
Ainz? in this world? Muhahahaha!
2/23/2021 c1 Anto
The greatest question that must be answer. Will there a harem for papa bones amd will he have the ability to have the D to do the deed
2/23/2021 c1 Sasuga Momonga
Who would have thought that a crossover between a hentai and overlord would exist, it writen really well tho, keep up the good work
2/23/2021 c1 22edboy4926
Awesome intro.
Looking forward to more.
2/23/2021 c1 Imperial warlord
Interesting story.
2/23/2021 c1 Malhavoc Shadowlord
HAHA! I haven't seen this crossover before, but by God do I want to see more! This promises to be stupidly entertaining! XD
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