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for Edith

7/29 c6 Marvincia Adderley
PLEASE update the story! I need more of this
7/29 c4 Marvincia Adderley
i love this story thus far. but I'm wondering if you will update soon? I doubt the story ends at chapter 6 and do look forward to reading more
6/27 c6 10LeggoMyMeggo92
I love the concept you’re working with, and your writing is concise (although with a few minor typos, but whatever). Keep up the good work; can’t wait for you to continue!
6/9 c6 monkeybaby
I'm loving this so far!
5/22 c1 Guest
Brilliant storytelling!
I cannot wait to read more! :)
5/2 c6 7darkwolf76
Ah, the banter continues and the tension further escalates. I wonder how far it'll go before the snap. They obviously like each other far more and care about the other more than they are willing to show or even realize themselves. They'll obviously always have a snarky dynamic, the best kind. Excellent job friend!
4/9 c5 Ohmicrofilm
Hi there! I’m really enjoying your story! Edie is very interesting, and I’m excited to learn more about her.
3/30 c5 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
I LOVE Edith! You've really captured her wit, angst,complexity. I look forward to reading more!
3/28 c5 darkwolf76
I'd have done it on my profile but my phone won't let me log in. Anyways, lovely chapter! I think it's cute Edie saved Benedict's sketch and drew his hands. That girl does not want to admit it, she's fighting with all her might, but she's already falling for him.
3/24 c4 darkwolf76
And so it starts. The initial dislike, the banter, and the very clear attraction. It's a story as old as time. Edith's face may not have ever fully healed but I think her heart has. And we know who it's already set it's sights on, even if Edith doesn't. Very good chapter!
3/24 c3 darkwolf76
Poor Edith. She really does try to put on a hard shell, but her dreams and heart haven't changed much underneath. And even her uncle, her safe haven, is talking marriage up to her. Yeesh, Edie's on to somehting. Men...
3/4 c4 NansNugget
Amazing story telling and development. I love seeing Edie in every way emotionally and your writing is great
2/25 c2 SPCLjmm
2/24 c2 darkwolf76
And a snarky friendship has begun. Though poor Benedict may have to work on his banter of he wants to keep up with Edith and her artist friends. Man she has a sharp wit! Very fun chapter. I'm sad Edie had such a horrible past, but she's seemed to find a purpose and place where she can be accepted. That's important to have after a life changing tragedy like she had. Lovely update! And so quick too!
2/24 c1 darkwolf76
Allow me to congratulate you on a great opener! Edith is interesting. I want to know more about the Incident! It obviously fundamentally changed who she became as a person, her relationships, and her life. The fact that she isn't just some pretty polished lady, but has disfigurement and trauma she has to deal with and work through, it opens up a whole realm of possibilites with this fic. I'm very intrigued. Edith seems like a female, much better adjusted and kinder phantom of the Opera. A scarred and disfigured artist that hides away because of her face and interacts with society through her work. I like that she does have at least one family member that fully accepts her and that didn't distance themselves from her. Theirs is a relationship that will be interested to explore. And Edith throwing a bit of shade at the Bridgertons, being pretty but generally shallow, very funny. Great job girl!

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