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5/19 c7 4djpj7652
Ah. How the turn tables... A Death Cult infiltrating into the Empire and slowly getting closer to the main cast. That is worrying. And it looks like A&T have to fight both Zanku and a feral POW(I'm assuming he's one anyway). Hmm, things are getting interesting.
4/25 c3 1Everpeach
I feel like he would be invoking Tyr instead of Thor since Tyr was the god of justice and was known as the bravest god in Norse myth
4/8 c6 Guest
Maby some day they can all go to heathmoor
4/5 c6 4djpj7652
I would love some pudding, thank you. On a serious note, it seems Night Raid has two new memberinos, coolio. Too bad Zulkirs in a bad mood cause of it... oh well, at least we'll get some Imps getting slaughtered as a result. Don't you just love how things work out?
3/21 c5 djpj7652
Damn, never would have expected a Knight and a Samurai to not immediately try and kill each other. Plus it's cool to see things from the perspective of someone other than Zulkir, everyone has their own side of the story and all that; Porete seems like an all-around cool guy, and let's hope for the best for Kuroshi. But given that this is an Akame ga Kiru/For Honor fic I think the best we can hope for just some light scarring and trauma. All in all, nice chapter man; can't wait to see all the mayhem and destruction in the manor raid.
3/8 c4 Bruhmeister935
Thanks for great chapter man, keep up the good work!
3/8 c4 djpj7652
So is Zulkir a warrior necromancer? I mean, he did the magic chant and an army of the dead came afterward. Maybe, maybe not. It's cool as hell either way.
3/8 c4 I Fredric I
Damn I thought I wouldn't like this story but after giving it a go, God dammit this is golden.
3/6 c3 robocroc
Vortiger the black prior
3/6 c3 djpj7652
Wow, some good ol' fashion Viking brutality to start things off. And in usual FOr Honor and Akame fashion, it's only gonna get bloodier and bloodier as time goes on. Great stuff man.

Also, didn't you just release a chapter for this fic yesterday? If so, that is some serious speedrunning strats you've got.
3/6 c2 Bruhmeister935
Thanks again for the great chapter man, keep up the good work!
3/5 c1 SluggyBuggy
nice. I know nothing about the game, but you seem to get it down pat from what I read off the wiki. Some characters feel a bit OOC, but that can be easily remedied with practice and knowledge. Looking forwards to more!
2/25 c1 ER-47
Great story
2/25 c1 djpj7652
Glad to hear you're doing ok man. And the fics good so far; solid introduction and action.
2/25 c1 1The Teletrap
Nice to see another good For Honor fic appear. Keep up the good work.
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