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for The Blood Of Stage Girls

4/11 c1 13Stripesicles222
Finally got around to watching Rondo today, and after venting to a friend who hasn’t seen any RS, I needed some confirmation that what I saw really did happen and it wasn’t a nightmare.

Now that i have verification, I want the next movie to hurry and get here so we know what’s actually going on...

Great writing as always!
3/30 c1 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
2/26 c1 Ivory Wisdom
You guys watching rondo rondo made me envy! I really wanna know what happened to my french bread and my banana
2/25 c1 S10MC2015
I have absolutely no clue what revue starlight or rondo is but this is a nice oneshot!
Thank you for the oneshot!
2/25 c1 LRCN
i haven't watched it yet and i read this fanfic and i don't what happened in Rondo. seriously (ó﹏ò。)

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