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for Pheromones (Pheromones trilogy part 1)

8/28/2023 c9 11MysteryHeart
this story is so fucking annoying. I give up. they're literally putting themselves and everyone else in who knows how much danger by not mating. I give up. these Cullens and Bella are complete idiots
9/10/2022 c20 Cknsw
A great read, well written
8/22/2022 c20 shannaro-sakura
Yaaaay, sequel! Thank you!
8/22/2022 c19 shannaro-sakura
That was awesome, Emmett deserves all the screen time. Though I don’t see Rosalie standing against him. She would do everything for Emmett. Thank author, Bella is strong enough to hold her own. Though let‘s be serious, that shield of hers could easily keep Emmett at bay.
8/22/2022 c18 shannaro-sakura
Awww that was really cute and fluffy. Thank you.
8/22/2022 c17 shannaro-sakura
I love the Vanessa - Nessie idea! And I love how Seth keeps in touch with Bella and Edward. 3
8/22/2022 c16 shannaro-sakura
Oh wow, I never would have thought that the pain is better for Bella.
I know there is the word „END“ below, but I see that there are some chapters left
Thank you for this story.
8/21/2022 c15 shannaro-sakura
WOAH! That was intense. I didn’t see that one coming. I probably should have..
8/21/2022 c13 shannaro-sakura
Ugh, poor Bella. Everyone around her who’s not Emily or the Cullens is so damn hostile due to the pheromones. I wonder if everyone’s behaviour will change once Bella is turned…
8/21/2022 c12 shannaro-sakura
I‘m not into sex, so I can’t say anything about the lemon part. I‘m here for the plot! And what a plot it is! It‘s amazing. Thank you for sharing this story with us. :)
8/21/2022 c11 shannaro-sakura
The Cullens are so thoughtful! They really love Bella. They do so many heartfelt things for her, it‘s lovely to see them care so much.
8/21/2022 c10 shannaro-sakura
I hate Renee with a passion now. Urghh.
But I‘m so glad that Rosalie came around! And that Jasper can manage hugs now! Yaaaay 3
8/20/2022 c9 shannaro-sakura
I like how Bella tries to make the whole family happy. The truth or dare was a great idea of you and very well-executed! I also enjoy the fact that there is a second baseball game and it seems that this time, Bella will be able to participate. Though I wonder what that might do to her body.
Thank you for the chapter :)
8/20/2022 c8 shannaro-sakura
I must admit, I never thought that Carlisle and Esme would go along with the plan to humiliate Mike Newton. Lauren deserves some kind of vampire treatment, too. But with the pack, they will all be occupied :(
8/20/2022 c7 shannaro-sakura
You are a master of cliffhangers. And a tease
As an ace I‘m not interested in intercourse and I don’t experience sexual attraction, but the way you describe the magnetic feeling almost gives me a glimpse of what people feel when they are attracted to each other.
Thanks for conveying that to me! It‘s very interesting.

Oh and I hope Rene will get what she deserves as worst mother out there in this story.
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