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9/30/2021 c46 pmanning72
Seems like writing Jess and Celeste smut is easier than Rogan.
8/18/2021 c170 9Sondrasr
Loved the story. So much heart.
8/15/2021 c170 jordana60
You did a fantastic job of wrapping this part of everybody’s lives up, and left so much to look forward to. It was great to see Celeste uncoil a bit, and I surprised myself by getting goose bumps when she told Jess they were having a boy. It was also amazing to see that the work Logan and Rory put into in reconnecting was well worth it.
8/15/2021 c169 jordana60
I’m really glad Rory and Logan got to meet Charlie. It must have been such a good feeling for Finn to be able to introduce his one and only real serious girlfriend to his best friends. I can picture them getting along very well.
It must have been uncomfortable and awkward for G to come downstairs and be confronted by Finn and Charlie. I think she handled it quite well, and I’m glad she was able to talk to Celeste about how she was feeling.
G took a major step by texting Sherry.
8/14/2021 c170 Hellie2001
Thank you for this lovely story. I would like to see a time jump of 5 or 10 years to see how life has moved on. Covid may provide an opportunity for Logan to develop his sustainability ideas and Rory the research foundation. Maybe a focus on early years and what can be done to level up inequalities. I would like to see them all survive as couples with perhaps more children for all of them! I would like to see G resolve some of her issues and maybe to find something she enjoys.
Thank you once again
8/14/2021 c170 bseriel
This whole story is great, congratulations on finishing this story! I hope on the sequel that Rory and Logan are still going on stronger than ever they deserve it
8/14/2021 c170 lucylulu
So great you gave us 170 chapters, all so beautiful.
You really gave us a perfect last one, the only thing i missed was the phone call between Celeste and Rory about the good news about the baby (but it happened in my mind LOL)
You already know I love yr story so much and the AU you created.
Cant't wait to read more and I really hope your jump in the future won't be too big, not more than a couple of years.
LoganRory, JessCeleste, FinnCharlie, I honestly can't imagine this couples to split, pretty please
I'd put Colin in the mix, maybe an older G. And maybe an unexpected baby for FinnCharlie.
it's up to you, please don't make us wait too long.
Can't imagine my tomorrow without your new chapter notification
thanks thanks thanks, 170times thanks
8/14/2021 c170 23Rori Potter
Amazing story!
8/14/2021 c170 2irishcanadian
Good point to end to story's. Just enough info for our imaginations to keep going and no giant cliffhangers. I actually like all the couple's right now so not sure I want any to not survive covid esp as Rory and Logan just are coming out of a tough time. I'd like a dedicated Vikki and Paris or Finn and Charley story.
8/14/2021 c170 52shari
I like how you came to these conclusions. I see Rory ,Logan and company taking up residence on the self sufficient farm during the pandemic. I see Jess and Celeste/Odette going to Paris G finally finding someone to fill her lonely hole. Rory Logan and family enjoying the trials and tribulations of 3 children
8/14/2021 c170 JTRF
This was fantastic. I love your writing. You developed these characters further than I could ever imagine. I can’t wait to read whatever is next!
8/14/2021 c170 Kellybras
you are a excellent writer i love all your stories…cannot wait to see what next
8/14/2021 c170 1sabrina-notthewitch
This was so fantastic! Sad to see it end but I’m happy we got lots of happy endings!
8/14/2021 c170 KV2021
I have really enjoyed this fix, it has been something to look forward to daily. Not a fan of Charley though, there is just something about her. Would love to see more of Logan and Rory as the kids grow, as well as where G’s life takes her.

Look forward to seeing what you bring us next whenever you are ready
8/14/2021 c169 lucylulu
loved how Charlie already feels quite comfortable at the Huntzs house.
maybe Rory and her can bond more talking about NYU
Such an uncomfortable moment with G, good for her not to say anything at the moment but to call Celeste.
And such a good text at the end, surrey made Sherry's heart melt
keep writing keep posting
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