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7/23/2021 c144 52shari
Poor Finny just needs his mommy. G seems to need Rory also. Logan picks that moment to have Rory fix and explain things.
At least the back and forth finally got to the heart of the problem. The mugging. Not sure Logan gets what triggered everything. Hopefully he will finally get the connection.
Paris and Vicky going to be interesting
7/23/2021 c144 23Rori Potter
Wow! They really need to work through some things. Update soon.
7/23/2021 c144 lucylulu
so good talk between Rory and Logan
they should try to spend together just the two of them
and maybe work together
Good that Paris told Vikki about Tristan
Hope Finny will get well soon, loved that Logan kept reading even when he got asleep
please keep writing more and more
and thanks for this story
7/23/2021 c144 1sabrina-notthewitch
So angst filled but so good. I like seeing Logan struggle with such real stuff, he is always so stoic. I’m glad him and Rory are talking through things. And I love that she can understand that therapy for him may not make the most sense.
7/22/2021 c143 23Rori Potter
Oh wow! Update soon.
7/22/2021 c143 Kellybras
look forward to your updates excellent story
7/22/2021 c143 jordana60
Your ability to get into the heads of these characters and make them real and flawed and likable is amazing. I feel like I know them, and am a part of their lives. You make me understand things that have and haven’t been a part of my personal reality, and make me curious to know more. The way you showed the morning after of Paris and Vikki was actually very sexy. Made it really appealing and a little envious. The cracks in Logan and Rory’s marriage and the decision to fix it shows no matter how much you love each other, marriage is hard.
7/22/2021 c142 jordana60
I could feel Paris’ anxiety over the date with Vikki, while also keeping her edge. Even the way she called Rory for help, but had no intention of getting all warm and fuzzy by sharing her feelings. Rory gave her just what he needed; someone to talk her through the practicalities of what to wear and where to go. I like the idea of Paris and Vikki, and I know when or if you’re going to introduce Tristan, but I would love to see his reaction to this!
Who would think that Finn could be the perfect voice of reason for Logan? I think he helped put things in perspective for him, but I do see why Logan is upset at Rory. Although it was with good intentions, she did betray Logan, and I get why he his concerned that what she did is something Shira would have done. Maybe he should tell Rory that to help her understand how Logan feels.
7/22/2021 c143 lucylulu
Paris has to come clean with Vikki, maybe Rory's idea to say she googled her...
And good for Rory to understand she doesn't want her relationship to end
She has to have e real talk with Logan
please give us more soon
please please
7/21/2021 c142 lucylulu
Paris calling Rory about the outfit made me think at her first date with Jamie.
And Vikki took the reins...
Yay G is back home! Can’t wait for the talk with Rory
And loved Finn trying to help Logan and Rory. And talk about therapy too
Can’t wait for more
Please update soon
7/21/2021 c142 Rori Potter
Wow. Logan needs to work on getting his thoughts in order. Poor Gigi. She must feel like her mom is choosing a pervert over her. Update soon.
7/21/2021 c142 1sabrina-notthewitch
I’m glad to see Logan sharing his feelings with someone, and I love this mature version of Finn.

I can’t wait for more!
7/21/2021 c142 LoVeRockets1993
Wow. Not sure how I feel about the Logan/Rory situation or the Logan/Finn conversation. I understand him feeling betrayed by Rory talking to Mitchum behind his back. Especially because, despite the progress they’ve made in their relationship, he will never fully trust M. So I get his feelings about that. But tbh I’m a little disappointed in Logan. If he wanted a meek little housewife waiting for him to get home with dinner ready, he shouldn’t have married Rory. The feminist in me wants to smack him for saying he wants her staying home with the kids, regardless of her own wants and needs. She’s more than just his wife and the mother to their kids. She’s still a person, with her own hopes and dreams, aspirations. I know he’s not Mitchum and he wouldn’t actually ever stand in her way if she wants to work. But the way he’s thinking right now is really surprising. He’s always seemed to be an open minded person with more modern views on society and the roles we all take on. To see him with such a 1950’s mindset is a bit unnerving. It feels a little out of character for him.
Lately I feel like they are both just going through the motions of life but neither seems to really be happy. Sure, they love each other and they love their kids. But neither of them seems happy or passionate about anything really, and that’s a little sad.
Glad that Finn at least tried to help a little. They really do need to stop avoiding each other if they don’t want their marriage to turn into Mitchum & Shira 2.0, with Logan always away working and (expecting) Rory at home as the dutiful wife raising the kids.
Interesting chapter, for sure. It makes me a little uneasy about where their relationship is going, though. Curious to see where you take this!
7/20/2021 c142 52shari
Paris is funny and truly like Vikki’s humor. Love the asking for Rory’s clothing and dating advice.
So happy G is home and she had Emily for protection. That probably helped. The silence and hurt between Rory and Logan is sad. I agree with Rory she apologized and explained why she did it But Finns call really shows how screwed up Logan’s feelings are. He has such insecurities about Rory. His thinking so convoluted. Like Finns advice
7/20/2021 c141 lucylulu
What a day for G
You wrote it perfectly. You managed to make me feel really worried for her
So good she went to Emily’s at the end and I loved the group videocall with Rory and Celeste.
And I’m happy that Celeste told Rory about the pregnancy. She’s the one can understand her worries
You are great as usual. Keep going
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