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7/20 c141 23Rori Potter
Wow. Update soon.
7/20 c141 52shari
Just some nice Finn and Rory time. We all know Tristan is who knocked Rory to the ground.
7/20 c141 52shari
Yes G definitely needs some professional help. I’m glad she called Emily. Emily is Emily but there is a very kind and caring person once past the elitist part of her.
Just had to know that Jess would be happy about the baby. Celeste is going to need help to get past her fears. She might surprise herself that she could find some happiness in a new baby.
Oh no not issues in the Rory Logan love fest. Logan needs to open up to Rory. She’s not a mind reader and I think both of them are hurting right now
7/20 c141 jordana60
The way you described G in the apartment really made me feel everything she was going through. Her apprehensive and awkwardness, her hesitation and her questioning how she put herself in this situation. She’s lucky Jephte was a decent guy, but it was good that she found her way to Emily. I’m so glad G told Rory everything and that Rory wasn’t upset with Celeste. I think it would have been different if Rory was kept in the dark longer. This whole situation with Remi is tough to handle. I love how Jess is reacting to the pregnancy. Happy, scared and comforting to Celeste. Rory and Celeste are so lucky to have each other. I hope things are okay with Rory and Logan.
7/20 c140 jordana60
I love that G is being somewhat careful, telling Celeste where she’ll be, and some of what’s going on. However, accepting Celeste’s offer of a hotel would have been even safer. This is how a lifetime movie starts! I’m sure she’ll be fine. I don’t think Rory’s going to be very happy with Celeste for not telling her what’s going on. I know Celeste doesn’t want to break G’s trust, but I think Rory has a right to know. It looks like there’s a miracle baby in Jess and Celeste’s life. I hope everything goes well for them. Some of the best things happen unexpectedly. I like that Charlie spoke up about making Finn’s apartment their apartment. She making a huge move, and this sets the tone that this is partnership. It was great that Finn called Logan and they got to talk. It was good for both of them. I always love when Finn and Finny talk!
7/19 c140 52shari
Well Celeste and Jess definitely have an unexpected surprise. I hope Celeste warms up to the thought of a baby.
Glad G texted Celeste. Like that Celeste called and G called back. G’s immature thinking comes through in not going to a hotel. I liked Celeste thinking of Emily. She would definitely make sure that G was safe.
For Finn and Charlie parting is sad but the reunion will be firework worthy. Finn and Logan will both feel better after they reconnect and talk. Think Rory will really like Rory.
7/19 c140 Rori Potter
Oh wow! Update soon.
7/19 c140 lucylulu
Wowowowow what a great chapter.
First of all thanks for this long one
Glad G talked to Celeste. She needs to be in touch. And maybe call Emily too. Get all the help she needs. Poor G btw
Celeste. I was so sure she was pregnant. Hope everything will go smoothly. Pretty please
And Finn and Charlie. Heartbreaking.
Can’t wait for them together in NY.
And good talk between Finn and Logan. They definitely need each other
Please give us more soon. Fanfic rockstar
7/18 c139 lucylulu
Hope Logan and Rory will talk more in order to solve all the issues. I expected Logan to react this way.
OMG Celeste. Really hope she’ll be ok or maybe pregnant.
And G. Another time she is the adult in her relationship with a parent. Hope she’ll call Rory.
Great chapter. Please update soon
7/18 c139 3roganjalex
So shocking I love it
7/18 c139 52shari
Seems Rory tried to help Logan the only way she could think of but Logan isn’t hearing that. Logan so deep in denial about needing help and what his family is giving up to accommodate his needs. They need to talk honestly.
Celeste and Jess need to find out what is going with Celeste. Hopefully the Doctor will have some answers.
Emily is on the mission to help Celeste and maybe just maybe help her mother. Just love the not so proper comfortably clothed Emily
7/18 c138 52shari
Almost all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Sherry admitted she sent G to her fathers to get her away from Remi. But not full answers. My question I would need answered is why didn’t you come to visit me instead of bringing me back to a bad and potentially dangerous situation
7/18 c131 LoVeRockets1993
The fake penis thing had me laughing out loud. I could just hear them having this conversation, Emily saying that in her outrageous tone, like it’s something scandalous. I do hope we get to see Rory talking to G about it. Would be a funny, if not slightly mortifying convo for G. If I were Rory I totally would’ve texted G, guess what my grandma found in your bedside drawer, complete with eggplant emoji. Hilarious situation.
7/18 c139 23Rori Potter
Poor Gigi. Update soon.
7/18 c139 Guest
worried for G and what she's getting herself into. I had almost hoped she was going to call Rory and end up with Emily...somehow still figure at some point those two will cross paths...
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