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7/15/2021 c137 23Rori Potter
Oh wow! Update soon.
7/14/2021 c135 jordana60
Big kudos to Paris for asking Vikki on a date straight out. Of course, Paris is never one to do anything half assed, but it took a lot of moxie to do what she did.I chuckled that Paris didn’t expect Vikkis , “yes”, and didn’t quite know what to do with that! Finn and Charlie are both very lucky that they both love adventure, and the water, and the outdoors. They share alot of the same interests, some of which are not always so common, like surfing and sailing. They really do fit together. I do see a shift in their relationship , both taking things to the next level by getting into more serious discussions. I mean, they’re talking about moving in with each other. They’ve gone from flirty to love in a quick minute and it seems so natural. I love your description of Taylor, and I love that he has to ask Jess for a favor. It’s so cool that The Apparatus Bay has become a hangout for the kids. It’s a perfect place.
7/14/2021 c1 Guest
Heyy I love this story I would love to see Jess, Celeste, Rory, and Logan as parents to teenage Evie, Finny, and the twins.
7/14/2021 c136 9Sondrasr
Love that Rory contacted Mitchum for help. I can see Mitchum and Owen getting closer. Something seems off with Sherri other half.
7/14/2021 c136 23Rori Potter
Poor Georgia. Will her stepfather do something? Will Emily need to help her out? Update soon.
7/14/2021 c136 lucylulu
OMG it’s unbelievable to think this story is close to the end. I will miss it so much
About this chapter I’m glad to see Rory asking Mitchum some help. Logan definitely needs to be next to his family in order to get better
Still not liking Remi.
But can’t wait to read more.
Hope you won’t close all the topics too fast
7/14/2021 c136 Guest
I need to say I will hate when this story, and this universe, are done. I have loved having a new installment to look forward to seeing the evolution of the characters.
7/14/2021 c136 1sabrina-notthewitch
Not the ending!

This is like the comfort story I can always rely on. Can’t wait to see how you tie everything up.
7/14/2021 c134 jordana60
Finn and Charlie really got into some heavy , but necessary topics. I think Charlie had every right to ask Finn about his definition of cheating, and I’m surprised Finn got annoyed, because it really wasn’t anything they had discussed before, and she had a right to know. Truthfully, If I was Charlie, Finn not saying straight up that he’d never even think about cheating, would hurt me. That being said, his answer was honest and open, and that is the foundation to a healthy relationship. Then , he confessed his desire to have Charlie move to the States with him, and that changed the dynamic of the whole thing. They professed their live for each other and took it to a whole new level.
7/14/2021 c133 jordana60
This is a very minor point, but it’s Ms. Patty, instead of Mrs. Patty. The Mrs. somehow gives her a whole different character. I’m so happy Luke and Lorelai got custody of Leo, and he now has an official extended family who loves and supports him. I can only imagine how wonderful this is for Leo. I find it amazing that you can create a dream that digs into Paris’ subconscious, and is relevant as to what’s going on in her life. I’m impressed that you were able to get into her psyche. I like that Logan is envious enough to realize how much he wants to spend more time with Rory’s and the kids. He’s not taken them for granted and I hope he’s able to come on for good soon. It’s interesting that you mentioned that Logan is still affected by the robbery. It’s natural that he still has residual issues because of it. It was more traumatic than he let on.
7/13/2021 c135 lucylulu
Funny seeing Taylor trying to look for Jess’s help
And loved Finn and Charlie and how he is ready to help her on job department.
Please make her move to NY. can’t wait for Rory to find out she’s Olivia’s sister.
Keep writing and posting. And thanks
7/13/2021 c135 sabrina-notthewitch
I am so into the Charlie Finn relationship, I’m invested and I hope they work it out for her to move to NY.
7/13/2021 c135 23Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
7/12/2021 c134 52shari
Finn and Charlie are just so cute and honest with each other. They both have previous insecurities but are working through them with honesty
7/12/2021 c134 lucylulu
loved Finn Charlie talk and his desperation about her living in Montreal.
can't wait to read more
and good for G having a great time with her friend in Paris (hope the creepy step father will stay out of everything).
Can't wait to read more about Emily in Paris, she can be the key helping Celeste and her mother relationship
keep writing
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