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6/28/2021 c121 9Sondrasr
Love how excited G was to go to the gala. Nice to see Emily realizing how sacred Logan's time with Rory and the family was and be willing to change.
6/28/2021 c121 23Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
6/27/2021 c120 martianmari
I am so so impressed by your pace of writing. Your ability to put out a chapter a day and balance multiple storylines is amazing!

I cannot help not really liking Charlie because I feel loyal to Gigi. But I am glad that through the experience, G is taking control and becoming stronger and more independent on her own instead of seeking approval and validation from men. It's so hard at that age when you just want to be wanted.

I do miss Rogan and cannot wait for their reunion :) Their love story is just next level and now their devotion and longing for each other, one can only aspire to have such a romance such as theirs.
6/27/2021 c120 jordana60
I think Owen is handling himself incredibly well for being in uncharted waters. He’s charming and charismatic , approachable and eloquent. I think he’s gonna do well in his new role. I never understood the whole Paul debacle in the revival. How can you forget you’re seeing someone!? It’s interesting that you brought him in. It seems like you’re doing a 6 degrees of separation throughout the story. It’s actually reasonable, as this happens in real life, especially if you run in the same circles. I’m wondering if the fabric of the story would be any different if it had been a random reporter. I actually do like that different people keep popping up. As I mentioned before, people , I run into people from my past often. I love the way Finn isn’t making Charlie feel ridiculous about her insecurities and jealousy. He’s taking it seriously and working hard to make her feel that he’s in it for the long haul. I’m also glad Charlie isn’t just sitting on these feelings and letting them simmer. They have respect for each other. I can’t wait for Logan to come home! Safe travels!
6/27/2021 c120 lucylulu
Great one. Loved Rory helping Owen with the interview
I’m sure he’ll fit
Finn and Charlie both dealing with their insecurities. They’re so cute
Hope not to wait too much to read more
6/26/2021 c120 Rori Potter
Oh wow! Is Gigi healing? Update soon.
6/26/2021 c119 Rori Potter
Aww! Wow. Update soon.
6/26/2021 c119 jordana60
I know sometimes My imagination runs away with me with this story, but I can’t help think there’s more to Tristan being than just as just an assumably bad ex and father, and as a link bringing Vikki into the picture. I’m really curious to see where this is picking his own flowers and taking them to Charlie is epic for him! I love seeing him all flustered and awkward and smitten. This is a side of Finn I don’t think even he knew he had.
6/26/2021 c119 lucylulu
I'm so glad Finn and Chalie talked and are close again
Hope she leaves her job and they'll spend lots of time together
Good that Paris and Vikki are getting closer (and that Paris saw the real Tristan)
please keep posting
6/26/2021 c118 jordana60
Thanks again, for providing a visual. That club is amazing! You described it perfectly, but to actually see it was better. Too bad they ate before hand…the menus looks incredible! I’m not sure how I would feel if I were Charlie. She obviously knows about Finn’s reputation, but to see it up front and personal is different. In some aspects, Charlie is self assured and confident, but in others, like her insecurity , she can be more fragile. Finn did a wonderful job at trying to reassure her, especially the exclusivity part, but I’m glad Charlie didn’t just sweep it under the rug and continue with the, “it’s fine”. This is an issue they both have to get through.
6/25/2021 c119 sandra-LE-223
well well well, I do wonder about Paris and Vikki. is this you setting them up? or just Paris finding a new friend? I don't remember any clues in this fic that Paris might be interested in womenmaybe she doesn't really know it herself yet and it might be like friends at first, then oh, what are these feelingsbut I'm more than open to that. Though, it does get hard to keep up with all the different people in this fic.
So happy that Charlie didn't want to ghost Finn! And even though it was unintentional, and painful for Finn, maybe in the end it was good that way. Making him realize what she means to him and all. Charlie calling in sick when she doesn't feel well does make sense. but only last minute, when Finn is on her doorstep? I don't know, I don't like that too much. It's a tricky situation altogether with her job. Blowing off work for a guy doesn't seem sensible, but on the other hand she probably does deserve a real vacation, too, she seems to have been working quite a lot during that sabbatical.
6/25/2021 c118 lucylulu
Charlie had a choc meeting with Finn's past.
Good she told her it's not him anymore. And Logan and Colin could say the same.
But I can see her worries. I would love for him to go inside and talk with her, opening up.
Celeste definitely needs to talk to her lawyer
can't wait to read more, about these topics and so many others
update soon, I sooo need a double treat
6/25/2021 c118 Rori Potter
Oh my! Wow. Update soon.
6/24/2021 c118 sandra-LE-223
yay, I did guess right about the timing of your updatesjust in time for my breakfast today :D
I like that instead of showing all the characters in one chapter, there's more of a focus on some of them.
And as I didn't comment these last few days, some more today:
The storyline with Celeste has quite some anxious vibes right now. I hope everything goes fine for her. it's a bit tough for me to understand why she doesn't want to accept her inheritance now that her father's dead and her brother hopefully in prison, soon. It would be kind of great if she took her inheritance and did something good with it, something to empower women further, like undo some of the damage the male part of the family did. But maybe it's not just the family she wanted to get away from but also the attention from the media, itself (which was problematic in the sense of her family knowing her whereabouts, but maybe she also disliked it in and of itself).
I hope that Charlie and Finn can deal well with this obstacle they faced in the bar. So far it has been quite smooth sailing for them. Curious to find out if they're actually gonna go on a week long sailing trip. With both the money/work issue and Finn's history to think about, I'm not sure how at ease Charlie will be when she has had time to reflect.
I was happy to read that G would like to be more involved with the babies. But then again, she should also have time to be a teenager. Rory suggesting for her to party a bit more might be a good idea. And I'm all for the new content Rory added to G's social mediabut I do get that it must feel weird for G to just have Rory do that, instead of maybe sending her links to these things so she could have a look and then choose by herself what to add.
looking forward to your next updates!
6/24/2021 c117 52shari
Poor G is such an emotional wreck. A 16 year old may think they are an adult but emotionally a child. She needs some professional help. Rory is doing the best she can. She knows how it feels to have Christopher not care the way a parent should.
Celeste and Jess headed home and have a lot to digest after the meeting with her mother. Finn and Charlie are just cute together. Think she is teaching him a lot about the real working world. Finn never had to think about much but himself. He is growing up
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