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6/24/2021 c117 23Rori Potter
Aww! Wow. Update soon.
6/24/2021 c117 lucylulu
such a good talk between G and Rory, so good Rory told her about not so perfect past.
And women empowerment, I think G has to find herself as a young woman before finding a boyfriend.
Another good thing G realizing how hard Rory's life with kids is.
Can't wait to read more, they are moving in the right direction
Charlie and Finn are still getting to know each other, hope she decides to quit her job at least for now, in order to spend more time with him
They need to do it, especially considering they have to talk about what to do after holidays
please keep writing
hope you'll go back to Celeste's mum too
update soon
6/24/2021 c117 jordana60
It’s nice to see Rory and G really talking and getting to know each other in a deeper sense. Kudos to G for deleting Finn wherever she could. That took strength. The concern here is she can’t delete him out of her life completely , eventually coming back into her life through Logan and Rory, and probably with Charlie. That’s gonna be tough. Rory giving her options to get interested in was smart. Your take on body image is beautiful. For Charlie to love her body, yet forced by society to be self conscious is real and unfortunately, way too common, but to have Finn care enough and be sensitive to her thinking, and to make an effort to make her feel otherwise says so much about Finn, and how he feels about her. He’s not laughing her off, or making her feel ridiculous, but reassuring her how beautiful she is. These 2 are beautiful together.
6/24/2021 c116 jordana60
I have to laugh at poor Jess. I’m sitting here picturing him looking through Logan’s closet and having his wife and exgirlfriend( now friend) dressing him! I felt uncomfortable for him! I’m sure the girls were having a lot of fun. Then he had to go to a fancy restaurant with a mother in law he never meant awkwardly sitting there while his wife and she speak French! It was a good chance for me to practice my high school French! It’ll be interesting to see if and how Sabine will fit into Celeste’s new world.
6/23/2021 c116 52shari
I like that Honor has some attitude about Owen stepping into a management position. But Logan so overwhelmed snd over extended. I think a lot more story there.
Outfitting Jess to meet Celeste’s /Odette’s mother smile provoking. Hopefully this will help Celeste mental well-being. Just the portrayal of Henri doesn’t surprise the turn of events that came to light. Now how do they move on
6/23/2021 c116 lucylulu
good talk between Honor and Logan, I think she's feeling left out. I'm sure the moment she'll meet Owen she'll realize he is a younger Logan.
Loved Celeste and Rory dressing Jess, and loved the talk with her mum
Last question to Jess and Celeste showing her a pic of Evie make me hope they'll end in a good way
keep writing and posting
love every word
6/23/2021 c116 Rori Potter
Oh my! Wow. Update soon.
6/22/2021 c116 reesa0817
Great updates. I like G and Rory interaction when she came home. Hopefully she will get over Finn soon. I am glad Celeste and Jess meeting with her mother seemed to be going good. Can't wait for more.
6/22/2021 c115 52shari
I truly feel sorry for Rory nothing she can do about her circumstances except hang in there for Logan to come home. Love as angry and upset that she was she remembered how old G is and what a broken heart is. Loved the tenderness she showed G and the compassion of come crawl in my bed and don’t be alone.
Think the meeting with Celeste mom will be interesting and emotional. Thank goodness Jess will be there
6/22/2021 c114 52shari
GiGi acts like a self centered child but keeps protesting that she’s an adult with no concern to those that are responsible for her and care about her. Typical teenager who has never actually had parents that act like parents.

Celeste not up to cleaning up her brothers mess. But letting her mother know what it would take to even think the process through might help emotionally and mentally. Her mother and mostly her brother owe her big time.
6/22/2021 c115 Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
6/22/2021 c115 lucylulu
SOO HOT in Italy too in these days!
Thanks for posting even if it's a shorter one.
Rory and G have to keep talking but I think they're going in the right direction
And Finn and Charlie are so unsure about what future will hold.
They have to work on trust and they also need to talk about what will happen after holidays
keep writing keep posting
6/22/2021 c115 jordana60
That was a really sweet moment between Rory and G. Just the 2 of them getting real, sharing and being honest. I like that Rory didn’t just bash Finn, but at the same time, made G feel she had her support. Telling G to sleep with her is probably the best thing she could have offered her at that moment; something that made G feel loved and safe. I know I keep saying it, but I love Finn and Charlie, and I love what Charlie brings out in Finn. I’m getting to know a version of Finn that’s genuine. These are 2 people with trust issues, yet they’re willing to build that trust. It’s alot of work for a short term thing…I hope it becomes more than that
6/22/2021 c114 jordana60
I do agree that there are a lot of stories going on at once and it’s a lot to take in sometimes, but I also think that this is the way real life is. We are always meeting new people and adding them into our lives, and life is complicated. That being said, I miss the core 4 sometimes. I guess it’s a balancing act! I’m glad G found someone to talk to outside her family. I guess I’m just realizing her troubles go deeper than just getting over a crush. I’m still not sure how bad the consequences would be if Celeste’s identity came out, and it’s weird her mother wants to meet with her after all this time, but as far as Henri is concerned…I do love when Karma comes through!
6/22/2021 c115 1sabrina-notthewitch
It is so sweet to see Rory be motherly to G. An did an loving the developments of Finn and Charlie. I think these are my favorite support stories.

Let’s bring Logan home soon.
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