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8/13 c169 52shari
Yes Logan and Finn together could be a bit much for someone the first time. Poor G so uncomfortable and not knowing what to do. Glad you had her call Celeste. She and Celeste have a special relationship. You have done such a great job with the G story
8/13 c168 LoVeRockets1993
Great chapter! So happy Logan is home. And that they got the chance to ‘reconnect’ immediately.
Sad to see this story end. With so many characters and relationships you could prolong this for awhile without it getting boring and repetitive.
I would really like to see Celeste have her baby.. Maybe some resolution for G? Sure, she’s in therapy, but I feel like there needs to be scene (maybe on her birthday) where she talks to either Christopher or Sherry, or both. Both of her parents have abandoned her at one point or another in her life. I would like to see her have a conversation with them about it.
Did LorelaiLuke end up officially adopting Leo? I can’t remember. Might be nice for that to wrapped up also.
Maybe also some more info on Finn&Charlie and Paris&Vikki? I feel both of those relationships are still a little unresolved. Charlie just moved to another country for Finn, how is she dealing with that. I think their relationship is solid but it could use some closure. Same with Paris&Vikki.
8/13 c168 jordana60
I’ve looked forward to your updates on a regular basis for so long now, I’m really gonna miss the story. It feels like I’m moving away and leaving friends. I’m so glad Logan is back home and they’re continuing to try new things, and strengthen their marriage. I love how Logan told Rory to trust him at the very right moment. The meaning went deeper than his finger!
It was nice to see Celeste joking with Rory at the Dr’s. She doesn’t show her lighthearted side very much.
I would like to see Jess and Celeste’s baby arrive, I’d like for Charlie to meet Rory and Logan, and I’d like Tristan to come face to face with Paris and maybe even Rory, and I’d love to know you have more stories planned!
8/13 c168 Guest
we have been spoiled by this story. You've delved into their lives with rich detail. I trust you will close out each thread...but, please don't abandon this universe...
8/13 c168 3roganjalex
I would like to see Gigi turn a corner in her life
8/13 c167 jordana60
It’s cool to see the city through Charlie’s eyes, as a new resident. You did a good job of conveying how she was feeling. Of course, a little Finn and Charlie morning glory is never bad!
I’m sure it means a lot to Sherry to have someone like Celeste in her corner. She’s not asking questions or judging, and she has no ulterior motives in helping. I get how hard it must have been for Sherry to walk away. The note and pictures, and the notifying someone were great ideas I never would have thought least Sherry knows she’s not alone.
Logan was wonderful with Celeste. They do know each other in a way nobody else does, and the fact they do, creates a special bond.
8/13 c168 23Rori Potter
I would like to see that Gigi is in a better place mentally. Update soon.
8/13 c168 lucylulu
love Celeste and Rory's friendship so much, they are really there for each other
let's hope everything will be ok for Celeste's baby, hope results will come really fast
so happy Logan is finally back home, can't wait to read more about them rekindle their relationship.
I imagine Finny will be so happy having both his parents at home
keep writing
8/13 c168 52shari
You did a great job of showing Celeste’s anxiety over the tests and Rory interest in Vikki. Now Celeste has the waiting game. I like that you had Rory understanding that she would feel very differently about Lorelei passing but that Logan could very much understand. Letting Finny wake up to find his momma sleeping with him just sweet beyond words. Great honey I’m home
8/13 c168 1sabrina-notthewitch
Yay for Logan finally coming back home.

I love the relationship that Celeste and Rory have built, it is very sweet.

Will Finn make an appearance at Gs birthday? They have to cross paths eventually. I’m interested to see how Charlie will handle that.
8/12 c167 lucylulu
I can see Charlie with the difficulties of being in a new city, almost by herself.
Hope Finn will help her dealing with everything new and introduce her soon to his family in NY meaning Rory and Logan.
So good that Sherry left Remi, thanks to Rory and Celeste.
She has to call G and tell her.
And what a great call between Celeste and Logan, they are really close and dealt with difficult families.
And a trip to Nice, such a great idea
please keep writing
8/12 c167 52shari
I like that everyone is trying to help Sherry. Now Sherry has to help herself. She’s taken the first step.
Yes Logan can understand how Celeste is feeling. Having shared family issues. Knows about parents that are controlling and with an agenda
8/12 c167 23Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
8/11 c166 lucylulu
I start from the end.
I really loved how Rory dealt with Chris telling she’s the only parental figure in her life. Being totally on G’s side.
Good for G not calling Brody, not so good she wrote to Finn even if the text wasn’t bad.
Hope she’ll spend more time with Philippa even when f she has a boyfriend. And she definitely needs some new interests. Maybe a new course or some charity work.
Can’t wait for Finny to wake up with Rory. And can’t wait for Finn and Charlie to meet with the Huntzs
Please keep writing
8/11 c166 jordana60
I was waiting for G's apartment to catch fire from the heater. That would leave her stuck on the roof in danger. I understand G's craving to text Finn. It was an innocent enough text, but she was right in later thinking it was a risky thing to do; an easy way to go down the rabbit hole. It was also the time of night that didn't help. it wouldn't have mattered whether Finn had read it already or not, I believe once a text is sent, you cant retrieve it. I do feel sorry for her though feeling alone and lonely.
While I understand G's reasonings for texting, I completely agree with Charlie that she should not be doing that. I'm proud of her for telling Finn how she feels about it, and proud of Finn for respecting her wishes, with no explanations needed. They're off to a good start.
I could get up and cheer for the way Rory talked to Christopher. He has no right to ask her to invoke the parent rule, and Rory told him exactly that. She was spot on in protecting G.
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